Boston, MA cannabis buds and flowers

The Vacation Strain: Mac Cannabis

July 31, 2023

Choosing the right cannabis strain for your needs often means wading through information on dozens or even hundreds of options. However, this can be a...

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Boston, MA marijuana flowers from the plant

Indica Vs. Sativa Cannabis Strains For Anxiety

July 24, 2023

Many people enjoy cannabis because it produces effects that help them be their best selves. Whether it fosters inspiration, energy, creativity, or even chattiness, the...

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The 411 on 420 Tourism in Boston

July 19, 2023

With more states legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational consumption, marijuana has become a lot less taboo across the country. As a result, a growing...

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Boston, MA marijuana vegetation plants

How Close Is The Federalization Of Cannabis?

July 17, 2023

The status of cannabis in the United States has been convoluted. As of April 2023, 38 states permit the use of marijuana for recreation or...

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close up sign 420 made from a hemp buds on red background in Boston, MA

420 Friendly Summer Bucketlist

July 10, 2023

Summer is finally here, and with it, pleasant weather and bright sunshine. If you feel inspired to pair your newfound summer energy with the cannabis...

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blue dream cannabis type is a purple marijuana plant bud

Why The Blue Dream Strain Is Popular Among Medical Marijuana Users

July 3, 2023

Marijuana is an enjoyable tool for relaxation and mood change, whether used recreationally or medically. However, those that rely on cannabis products to address medical...

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african american woman opening bottle of legal marijuana from dispensary close up

Celebrity’s Favorite Weed Strains

June 26, 2023

Cannabis is becoming more popular among the average person, but much of this popularity began when marijuana products entered the public eye in the entertainment...

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usa flag paint weed mariguana marijuana flag waving on the top sunrise mist fog

July 4th: Celebrating American Weed History

America has faced many hurdles since its war for independence against its European ancestors. Hemp, a plant that has appeared throughout American history for hundreds...

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recreational marijuana on a white stone background

Jack Herer’s Birthday: “The Hemperor” (June 18th)

June 15, 2023

Marijuana has come a long way over thousands of years, with significant growth in the United States over the last half decade. The driving force...

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diverse lgtbq young people with rainbow flags celebrating gay pride parade festival

4 LGTBQ+ Leaders In The Cannabis Industry 2023

June 12, 2023

In 2023, the cannabis industry is thriving more than ever. While much of this increase in popularity comes down to the widespread push for legalization...

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