What Should I Bring On My First Boston Cannabis Dispensary Trip?

August 28, 2023

It’s finally time—you’ve thought about going to a cannabis dispensary. Now, you have committed to the trip and picked your location. What comes next? If you have never been inside a dispensary, you might be feeling overwhelmed. Where do you go once you head inside? What should you bring? It can be difficult to know what to expect from a Boston dispensary.

The good news is that dispensaries should be filled with teams eager to help both newcomers and veterans alike. Before you go, be sure to prepare so you can make the most of your first visit. Here is a list of what you should bring on your first Boston cannabis dispensary trip so that you are ready to go!

Download Directions Ahead of Time

There is nothing worse than getting lost on the way to your destination, and in a busy city like Boston, missing a turn could make your short trip much longer. Before you start your journey, take a quick look at the directions to ensure you have a general idea of where you are going.

It helps to research the location online. Is there parking by the building, or will you need to park in a garage and walk? If you download directions, you can be sure you’ll have access to the map even if your connection gets spotty.

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Think About Payment Options

Managing a dispensary is challenging because of the variations in cannabis laws at the local, state, and federal levels. Many banks are currently unwilling to partner with businesses that profit from marijuana because it is new, and banks do not want to run afoul of laws on money laundering or aiding and abetting federal crimes.

This means that dispensaries typically work as cash-only establishments. You can research online or call the location before arriving to ask if they accept cards or digital options such as Apple Pay, but be prepared to pay with cash. Otherwise, you might arrive and find yourself unable to buy anything!

Bring a Valid Government ID

In Massachusetts, you must be at least 21 years old to purchase marijuana. The dispensary will ask for your ID to ensure they are doing business with you legally, so be sure to bring a valid government ID that is not expired. A driver’s license is the easiest option.

Still, you can also use a passport or a liquor ID card, considered a valid state-issued ID. Alternatively, MA offers a state ID card, which can be obtained by filling out the correct paperwork and providing supporting documents for your identity (such as a birth or marriage certificate).

Things including bills in your name or bank statements do not work as valid IDs for marijuana purchases. You will need a government-issued option to provide your identity.

Bring an Authorization Card, If Applicable

Suppose you are purchasing marijuana for medical use. You must bring your “med card” (Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Authorization card).

A med card is provided after discussing the use of marijuana with your doctor to treat specific conditions, and your medical professional will need to sign off on paperwork to support your case. Without a medical marijuana card, you cannot purchase cannabis from medical dispensaries. However, you can still enjoy recreational options.

Make a List of Interests

Once you step into a dispensary for the first time, you may find that everything you had on your mind gets forgotten in the confusion of where to go, what to do, and the myriad of options you didn’t know existed. This is why it’s smart to make a list of interests or goals before you arrive.

This will help you remember or specify what you’re looking for so the team can help you. For instance, if you are new to cannabis and are concerned about the strength of your first purchase, be sure to write this concern down so that you remember to discuss it with a pro.

If you’ve heard of strains or important accessories, make a note so that you don’t forget the name once you arrive.

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Explore Your Local Boston Dispensaries

Going to a dispensary for the first time can be exciting if you prepare beforehand! The team at Pure Oasis is eager to help newcomers to find the ideal products for their goals, regardless of how much they already know about cannabis.

Our minority-owned dispensaries proudly serve our community and provide in-depth knowledge and guidance. Stop by a Pure Oasis location to explore cannabis products during your first Boston dispensary trip!

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