Indica Vs. Sativa Cannabis Strains For Anxiety

July 24, 2023

Many people enjoy cannabis because it produces effects that help them be their best selves. Whether it fosters inspiration, energy, creativity, or even chattiness, the recreational use of marijuana has been popular for decades.

However, many consumers also rely on cannabis for medical reasons, and doctors may even incorporate the regular use of cannabis into an individual’s personalized treatment plan.

Anxiety is one of the most common reasons people rely on medical marijuana. Each strain of cannabis is slightly different, and some variants can help with anxiety more than others. Among the many choices are two overarching subgroups: strains made from Indica parents and those made from Sativa parents.

Whether full-blooded or hybrid, both Indica and Sativa will be options for those looking to treat their anxiety. Here is what you need to know about Indica vs. Sativa strains for anxiety, including which type tackles anxious thoughts better and which specific strains are most popular as forms of treatment.

Does Indica Cannabis Help with Anxiety?

Indica cannabis comes from the Hindu Kush mountains and was originally found in areas of Turkey, India, and Afghanistan. Their environment is dry and rugged, so they are hardy plants that grow faster than Sativa-based variants.

Indica typically contains more CBD than THC, though its THC content may still be high depending on the type; Sativa-mixed hybrids, for instance, may carry both intense THC and CBD levels.

Indica cannabis is the go-to for many people when it comes to anxiety. This is because the higher-than-average CBD content promotes deep relaxation and sometimes even sleepiness. For those struggling to fall asleep or calm their bodies, Indica often sees frequent use.

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Can Sativa Strains Relieve Anxiety Symptoms?

Even though Indica is usually the subtype of choice for those struggling with anxiety symptoms, many people choose Sativa-based marijuana strains to tackle their challenges because they produce different effects. Sativa cannabis originated in areas of Africa, Southeast Asia, and West Asia, and it typically contains higher levels of THC with reduced CBD content.

Sativa strains can accomplish the opposite of their Indica counterparts in many ways. Where Indica contributes to relaxation and peace, Sativa usually makes people feel energized, alert, and inspired.

Depending on the types of symptoms that a person suffering from anxiety experiences, Sativa can make their experience worse—including by introducing high-energy paranoia or boosting their heart rate.

However, some studies have shown that Sativa-based cannabis stimulates the same part of the brain as SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), commonly prescribed as an anxiety treatment.

Thus, Sativa tends to be effective when people need relief from anxiety quickly because it will inspire and energize them, allowing them to focus on other tasks and sensations. Conversely, for those with long-term anxiety who want gradual relief, Indica is a slower and more relaxed operator.

Indica Strains to Try

There are thousands of types of marijuana, so finding the right one for your anxiety symptoms is a personalized decision. However, some are commonly used across the board, including:

  • Northern Lights – The sweet and spicy taste of NL gives way to a quick onset of relaxation that purges tension from the muscles and calms racing thoughts. It can lead to euphoric happiness, but it’s best not to plan for any activities, as you’ll be feeling deeply relaxed and heavy.
  • Granddaddy Purple – GDP tastes like grapes, offering physical relaxation while allowing the mind to wander. GDP is a good choice for those who don’t want to be completely sluggish and tied down. At worst, people may report that GDP gives them a dry mouth, so keep a favorite beverage on hand.

Sativa Strains to Try

Many strains of Sativa are also viable as an assistive option for anxiety. These include:

  • Strawberry Cough – This fruity strain tastes like its namesake strawberries and is more potent than many other Sativa varieties. It can generate a substantial wave of euphoria that leaves you uplifted, hopeful, and inspired.
  • Super Silver Haze – The duration of feeling on this Sativa strain is longer than most, so for powerful, long-lasting relief, few options can compete. Like Strawberry Cough, this strain is highly energizing, wiping away anxious thoughts as you become inspired to tackle new challenges.

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Get High-Quality Cannabis from a Minority-Owned Dispensary

Both Indica and Sativa strains can effectively combat anxiety symptoms, so finding the right variety for you comes down to giving some new options a try. The team at Pure Oasis is happy to help you explore strains that target your goals and dose them properly for the best effects.

Please stop by one of our dispensaries to ask questions or pick up the cannabis and accessories you need to calm your anxiety.

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