Why Pre-Rolls Are Best For Beginners

September 4, 2023

Beginners just getting started in the world of cannabis already have a lot to take in. There are hundreds (or thousands) of strains, different methods of enjoying marijuana, dosage considerations, and more.

When you’re just starting out, it’s usually best to take things slow and get help so that you can figure out what you enjoy before committing to buying larger quantities. That’s where weed pre-rolls come in.

Pre-rolls can help bridge the gap between a beginner’s lack of knowledge and the wide world of cannabis in its many forms. Here’s an overview of why pre-rolls are best for beginners and why starting here is smart and affordable before jumping into other types of consumption.

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What Is a Pre-Roll?

As its name suggests, a pre-roll is a marijuana joint that has already been rolled. Just as some people like to make their cigars at home, others choose to buy premade cigars—and the same is true with cannabis. Beginners can do well with pre-rolls because they offer advantages that rolling your joints does not. Some of the reasons why pre-rolls are so attractive for hobbyists just starting out include:

No Need to Bulk Buy

To roll your joints, you need a supply of the cannabis that goes inside. This means you’ll need to purchase strains in large enough amounts (typically multiple grams) to create the joint.

For beginners who don’t know what kinds of strains they like, it can be discouraging or feel like a waste to purchase a variety only to discover that it doesn’t produce the desired effects. Now you’re stuck with multiple grams of a strain you hadn’t tried before and don’t like.

Pre-rolls avoid this problem by allowing newcomers to sample a strain in a single joint before deciding whether they like it. Each pre-roll can be purchased individually, so you can try multiple varieties to see which type of bud interests you.

Avoids Commitment to Accessories

Just like those who make their cigars or roll their own sushi, crafting a joint requires extra tools for the best experience. Suppose you’re new to the world of cannabis. In that case, you probably don’t want to commit to buying all of these accessories if you’re not even sure that joints are your preferred consumption method yet.

Maybe you’ll try a joint and find out that vaping or edibles are your style instead. Pre-rolls allow you to sample this method of consumption without committing to owning a lot of tools you might not use.

Ensures Consistent Experience

Rolling a good joint is a skill—and it’s one that very few beginners have because they have never rolled a joint before! If the roll isn’t done well, the joint can produce inconsistent results or just go out halfway through the smoke.

Pre-rolls are typically created by a machine that crafts each joint perfectly so you can enjoy a consistent experience that burns evenly and stays lit for the entire time.

Ease of Use and Transportation

One of the biggest advantages of pre-rolls is their convenience. You can decide you’d like a smoke, then be ready to light up just a few seconds later without any prep work. Additionally, pre-rolls are simple to transport (remember not to cross state lines!).

They are easy to take to a friend’s house or share at a party without needing to haul all of the essential equipment and supplies. If you’ll be out all day, nobody wants to bring their entire array of joint rolling tools to carry with them. Pre-rolls are lightweight and easy to pack for a day trip.

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Get Your Weed Pre-Rolls from a Local Dispensary

Not everyone wants to use pre-rolls; some people enjoy the heightened level of control that rolling their own joints provides in terms of bud content, style, and more. However, for beginners, pre-rolls are often the best choice because of their convenience and consistent experience without requiring the purchase of extra tools. If you decide to enjoy joints, you can buy the equipment later and start rolling on your own!

Whether you decide on pre-rolls or rolling your own, be sure you get your supplies from a high-quality dispensary. The team at Pure Oasis is proud to help the local community succeed when it comes to cannabis, from keeping people educated on changing laws to helping customers identify the right strain for their goals.

Stop by Pure Oasis’ locations to explore the wide variety of flower, edibles, accessories, and more that will help your hobby be a success.

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