Cannabis dispensary worker wearing mask holding weed edible product

Cannabis edibles are a tasty alternative to those who prefer not to inhale THC through smoking or inhaling. Cannabis edibles are food or drink products that have been infused with cannabis and provide a longer, more intense effect than other cannabis products. This option for cannabis consumption is easier for those just beginning their cannabis experience, or for those who aren’t able to inhale due to medical conditions.

Pure Oasis is a dedicated and revolutionary cannabis dispensary in Boston. We provide a unique experience, educating our customers to the fullest to improve their user experience. At Pure Oasis, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality cannabis to our clientele. Our wide range of edibles can appease the many needs for cannabis consumption.

How Cannabis Edibles Are Made

Cannabis edibles go through a careful process when being created for consumption. The level of THC within the product must be at a safe level to help promote the safe use of the product. When making the baked products, the THC is infused into either canna-butter or canna-oil. The canna-butter is the replacement for regular butter, and the canna-oil can be mixed with any type of cooking oil. For liquid edibles, drops of cannabis extracts or tinctures are put into the drinks.


How The Body Processes Cannabis Edibles

The effects of edibles have a more delayed reaction compared to inhaling cannabis smoke. Reactions can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to become apparent. It is important for users to abide by a waiting period for the edibles to take effect and not eat more due to not feeling an immediate sensation, which they may have expected due to previous experiences smoking or vaporizing flowers or concentrates. Since the effects of edibles are both potent and delayed, do not consume more than the recommended amount.

Edibles have to be digested before any effects are felt, thus making the process longer than smoking or inhaling. Once these effects have taken place, they tend to be stronger and last longer than other cannabis experiences. The duration of user-experience can be affected by your body weight, metabolism, the concentration of THC, and how much of the edible was consumed.

What Pure Oasis Offers

At Pure Oasis, we offer many cannabis edible options. Depending on the type of edible, the levels for THC will vary. Our edibles are made from the various cannabis flowers offered, and designed to appeal to any level of cannabis user. These cannabis edibles can help to increase appetite, improve sleep and mood, and pain relief. Pure Oasis offers edibles in the form of chocolate, fruit chews, and root beer. Our knowledgeable staff will help you to decide which form and strain will best fit your

Shop Cannabis Edibles

If you’re in the market for edibles, look no further than Pure Oasis. Our team of informed cannabis professionals are dedicated to informing all consumers of our cannabis products. We want to ensure the best possible experience for our users, and keep them fully informed along the way.