Below are some frequently asked questions and important information to know when shopping with Pure Oasis.

Good Information To Know

We open our doors at both locations at 10:00am. At the Dorchester location we close at 9pm and at the Downtown location we close at 8pm.


MA state law allows people 21+ to possess up to one ounce of marijuana on hand, but not more than five grams of marijuana concentrate.

All cannabis products sold at Pure Oasis come in child-resistant packaging. Please store your cannabis products in a safe, secure location away from children and pets.

Who Can Purchase Cannabis Here? Do I Need a Medical Recommendation?

All adults: 21 years and older. No medical recommendation is needed.

Everyone reacts differently to cannabis. This could be based on your metabolism, method of consumption, and/or dose and potency. We recommend using products at low dosages, and increasing your consumption once you are experienced and understand your tolerance.

It is not legal to consume cannabis in public places or to drive while under the influence. Please respect the law and the communities we operate in; do not consume cannabis products in your vehicles or during your commute to and from Pure Oasis.

Frequently Asked Questions