The Vacation Strain: Mac Cannabis

July 31, 2023

Choosing the right cannabis strain for your needs often means wading through information on dozens or even hundreds of options. However, this can be a blessing in disguise—finding new variants to try keeps things exciting and could introduce you to a new favorite.

This is how many people have come across MAC, a hybrid strain frequently used for medicinal purposes. Now, MAC has come to be known as the “vacation strain” because it’s so popular to help people loosen up and enjoy their free time.

To understand whether the MAC cannabis strain is a good choice for your personal goals, you’ll first need to learn where it came from and what most people experience when they partake. Here’s a brief overview of the vacation strain MAC and what you can expect if you try it.

Where Did the MAC Cannabis Strain Come From?

“MAC” cannabis stands for Miracle Alien Cookies, the real name of this strain. Sometimes, it’s simply referred to as Miracle Cookies. This hybrid strain comes from an Indica dominant hybrid parent called Starfighter, a Sativa parent named Colombian Gold, and a third contributor—Alien Cookies. Yes, it’s possible to have more than two parents contributing to a plant!

Capulator was the first to breed MAC after crossing Colombian Gold with Starfighter. The only plant to survive this batch was a male, which meant that in order to produce more plants, a female contributor was necessary.

Thus, Alien Cookies was added to the mix, and MAC was born. While many dispensaries and growers will produce their own MAC variants from seed, they all contain similar terpenes for a consistent experience.

mac 1 trichomes on a top cannabis cola

Effects of MAC Marijuana

Many people initially pass on MAC because of its full-blooded Sativa parent. However, the Sativa influence within the MAC strain is more subdued than you might expect; enjoyers can experience a burst of creativity and happiness, feeling uplifted by the classic Sativa terpenes.

Then, the Indica touches creep in, offering a surprisingly relaxing and calm journey. Because of this, many people use Miracle Alien Cookies to reduce stress and anxiety, or depression by calming their sensory experience and cutting down on racing or overwhelming thought patterns.

From this experience, MAC gets the name “vacation strain.” When people want to feel happy and relaxed at the same time, it’s because they want to take a break from the difficulties of work and the daily grind.

MAC is a great addition to any vacation trip because its uplifting effects boost the mood, and its calming elements are not so heavy-handed as to interfere with fun activities. You won’t be glued to the couch with MAC the same way you might with a full Indica strain.

Those looking to combine MAC into edibles are best served utilizing fruity flavors, which complement citrus-adjacent taste of Miracle Alien Cookies. It also carries hints of pine and fresh, natural scents with a peppery after-effect. This makes it ideal for candies, gummies, and baked goods that focus on tastes such as lemon and orange.

Potential Side Effects

MAC has risen in popularity as more growers have produced their crops and the name has hit the mainstream. While it is a great fit for many people thanks to its level, intensity, and experience, it can still come with some side effects.

Most commonly, these less-than-ideal elements only appear when someone has consumed too much MAC too quickly; this is especially common for edibles, as people may not give the first bites enough time to take effect before deciding that they need more to feel the kick.

Those who choose a dosage higher than their tolerance for MAC could find that they become dizzy or lightheaded. This should pass with time as the body metabolizes some of the terpenes in cannabis. Similarly, dry eyes or a dry mouth are temporary and can be relieved with standard eye drops and a glass of water.

cannabis flower macro

Get Cannabis Strains from a Local Dispensary

The MAC cannabis strain could be a powerful way to help ease your anxiety, depression, and restlessness through medical marijuana means. However, it’s important that no matter which strain you choose to try, you get it from a reputable dispensary. The team at Pure Oasis supports our local community, and we are proud to help customers make smart choices about their cannabis products.

From proper dosing to caring for accessories, our experts get to know the people who visit so that we can offer personalized guidance. Stop by one of our locations to check out MAC or another strain, whether you are new to cannabis or a seasoned enthusiast.

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