male worker in greenhouse with medicinal cannabis marijuana bushes

Planning a Cannabis-Friendly Trip to Boston

June 10, 2024

Boston is a cannabis epicenter, home to almost 17,000 marijuana license registrations as well as numerous historical landmarks from the eras of early cannabis activism....

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medical marijuana from Boston dispensary

Exploring the Role of Cannabis in Boston’s Past and Present

May 27, 2024

Cannabis culture has undergone a revolution throughout American history, and Boston is no stranger to these constantly shifting opinions. From a total ban in the...

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close up of flowering cola of Cherry Pie cannabis strain

Savoring the Flavorful Cherry Pie Cannabis Strain

May 20, 2024

When people enjoy cannabis, they often do so for more than just its mind-altering or body-wide effects. Many enthusiasts enjoy the flavor and aroma of...

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detail of a northern light cannabis strain flowering

Journeying Through the Northern Lights Cannabis Strain

May 13, 2024

Cannabis is a versatile plant that can propagate through various means—sometimes, male and female plants (which are distinct) cross to create a new child plant....

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jealousy cannabis strain from Boston dispensary in hands close-up

Green Envy: Exploring the Jealousy Cannabis Strain Experience

May 5, 2024

Hybridizing cannabis plants is a favorite pastime for many hobbyists, and these versatile flora tend to respond well to attempts to cultivate and create new...

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close up of Wedding Cake cannabis trichomes from Boston Dispensary

Unveiling the Delightful Wedding Cake Cannabis Strain

April 22, 2024

When most people think of cannabis products, they often think of the diesel or skunky smell that many strains can carry. However, not all cannabis...

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face profile filled with hemp leaves symbolizes marijuana use

Experience Relaxation Without Energy Drain with Chem X

April 8, 2024

It’s always exciting to try something new, and for marijuana enthusiasts, sampling a new cannabis strain is one of the simplest ways to experience that...

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shelf filled with jars of marijuana in Boston dispensary

Craft Cannabis in Boston: Supporting Local Growers and Producers

March 11, 2024

Thanks to growing legalization nationwide, cannabis has become a mainstay hobby in many people’s lives. The Boston craft cannabis scene continues to develop, and new...

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interior of boston marijuana dispensary facility

Exploring Cannabis-Friendly Events and Culture in Boston

March 4, 2024

Boston has developed a lively marijuana scene thanks to both medical and recreational legalization. With this boost in attention has come an outpouring of support...

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view of a general cannabis sign on the front of a Boston Dispensary

Dispensary Etiquette 101: Dos and Don’ts When Visiting a Boston Cannabis Shop

February 26, 2024

Every cannabis dispensary has its own vibe; some are modern and official, especially for medical dispensaries, while others are more relaxed and casual. No matter...

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