several pre-rolls of medicinal cannabis on a white surface with flower cannabis in Boston, MA

Why Pre-Rolls Are Best For Beginners

September 4, 2023

Beginners just getting started in the world of cannabis already have a lot to take in. There are hundreds (or thousands) of strains, different methods...

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Boston, MA recreational marijuana dispensary shelf

What Should I Bring On My First Boston Cannabis Dispensary Trip?

August 28, 2023

It’s finally time—you’ve thought about going to a cannabis dispensary. Now, you have committed to the trip and picked your location. What comes next? If...

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Boston, MA purple Blueberry Cannabis Strain marijuana leaf

4 Benefits Of The Blueberry Cannabis Strain

August 21, 2023

When people think of cannabis strains, highly popular options like Kush and Gorilla Glue are the ones that come to mind. But behind the scenes,...

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The Boston Tea Party

August 17, 2023

The Boston Tea Party was a significant event in American history that took place on December 16, 1773, in Boston, Massachusetts, during the colonial period....

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What s Downtown Crossing

August 16, 2023

Downtown Crossing is a prominent shopping and commercial district located in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. It's known for its bustling streets, historic buildings, and...

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cannabis in Boston, MA at the beginning of flowering

NBA Lifts Cannabis Testing Policy

August 14, 2023

Historically, sports have included marijuana products among their banned substances, and regular testing has been conducted not only for performance-enhancing drugs, but for cannabis as...

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The Best Way to Spend a Day in and Around Faneuil Hall in Boston

August 11, 2023

Boston is a historic city chock-full of attractions, but iconic Faneuil Hall is at the top of the list. Built in 1742, this meeting hall...

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Boston, MA cannabis buds and flowers

The Vacation Strain: Mac Cannabis

July 31, 2023

Choosing the right cannabis strain for your needs often means wading through information on dozens or even hundreds of options. However, this can be a...

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Boston, MA marijuana flowers from the plant

Indica Vs. Sativa Cannabis Strains For Anxiety

July 24, 2023

Many people enjoy cannabis because it produces effects that help them be their best selves. Whether it fosters inspiration, energy, creativity, or even chattiness, the...

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The 411 on 420 Tourism in Boston

July 19, 2023

With more states legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational consumption, marijuana has become a lot less taboo across the country. As a result, a growing...

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