How To Roll A Joint

January 21, 2021

Joints remain one of the most popular ways of enjoying cannabis. They are discreet, convenient, and easily disposable. However, it’s important to know how much weed to put into a joint (which is different from a blunt or a spliff). Additionally, not all joints are pre-rolled. Therefore, you should know how to properly roll a weed joint so that it burns smoothly and evenly when you smoke it. Here is a close look at this subject.

Steps To Roll A Joint

There are six key steps to rolling a joint. Before you begin this process, make sure to collect all necessary supplies, including your chosen cannabis strain, (Runtz, Lava Cake, and Fire OG were among the most popular cannabis strains of 2020) rolling papers, a crutch, and a weed grinder. Here is an analysis of each of these six steps.

Grind The Cannabis

The first step involves grinding the cannabis. If the plant is sufficiently dry, you should have no trouble breaking it down. The grinder prevents your hand from becoming sweaty and consequently sticking to the rolling paper. (The parts of the cannabis flower that can stick to your hands are called the trichomes — hair-like structures that give the drug its potency) If you do not have a grinder, there are other techniques you can utilize to break up the cannabis (e.g., scissors, keys, cards, etc.).

Create A Joint Crutch/Filter

Once you have ground the cannabis, you must create a crutch, which is also known as a “filter” or “tip.” You can use thin cardboard or another similar material to make it. This crutch is placed at one end of the rolling paper. Begin by making a couple “accordion-style” folds at the end of your paper and then roll it to create a joint of your chosen thickness. The filter is designed to stop the shake from falling out while you smoke your joint. It also provides stability and security (since it will prevent your fingers from getting burned).

Fill Joint With Cannabis

Fill your rolling paper with the fine-ground cannabis and the filter. When your joint contains the correct amount of shake, you may start forming the joint by using your hands. There exists a wide variety of joint papers, (including hemp paper, which is typically thin yet strong and helps ensure an even burn) so be sure to choose a type of paper you are comfortable handling.

Pack The Joint

After shaping your joint, the next step is simple. All you have to do is pinch the rolling paper between your fingertips and roll it back and forth in order to pack the weed down until it takes a cone form.

Roll The Joint

This penultimate step is crucial because the quality of your joint largely depends on how you roll it. To roll up your joint, be sure to tuck your paper’s unglued part into the roll. Lick the top edge and seal it with a final roll (leave a little bit of empty space at the tip). It is highly recommended that you begin with the filter side, as this will make the tuck-and-seal process easier.

Finish Your Joint

To complete the joint-rolling process, pack the end of your joint to guarantee an even burn. You can use nearly any thin object (e.g., a straw or a stick) to do this. Once this is done, you are ready to enjoy your cannabis joint!

How Much Weed To Put Into A Joint

If you are new to rolling joints, it is recommended that you use ½ gram of cannabis and either normal-sized or 1 ¼-sized rolling papers. This should be a sufficient amount of weed for a few people to consume. By comparison, the majority of pre-rolls you purchase at dispensaries contain 1 gram (or at least ½ gram). Once you have gained more experience with rolling joints, you may move on to larger-sized papers and full-gram joints.

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