Vaping Vs. Rolling A Joint

August 16, 2021

As cannabis laws continue to change and affect new states across the country, more and more people are discovering the medicinal effects of the plant. Cannabis has been shown to help manage pain from chronic conditions, relieve insomnia and anxiety, as well as provide relief for cancer patients.

If you live in a state with legal cannabis, you may be considering what the best methods for consumption are. In 2021, there are plenty of methods to choose from that can satisfy the casual smoker as well as the more medicinally-inclined users.

Vaping Vs. Smoking Cannabis

Vaping has become a very popular method for consuming cannabis due to its accessibility and convenience. Smoking, on the other hand, can provide a more potent taste of the flower and slightly unique effects. Both of these methods have their own unique characteristics, and which choice you go with depends on your personal preferences.

Is Vaping Healthier Than Smoking?

While many have made the case that vaping is healthier than smoking when it comes to cannabis, studies have shown that this is actually not the case. Vaping was shown in some studies to be safer than smoking cigarettes, but this same assumption cannot be made for cannabis, according to researchers.

In a study from 2015, researchers stated, “While vaping cannabis reduces respiratory exposure to toxic particulates in cannabis smoke, the resultant reduction in clinically evident harms to lung health is probably smaller than that likely to result from substituting e-cigarettes for smoked tobacco due to the comparatively greater harms of tobacco than cannabis smoking to lung health.”

In short, tobacco is much more unhealthy than cannabis on the lungs. This finding tells us that while vaping is a safe alternative, it is not necessarily healthier. For example, if you smoke a blunt made from tobacco, you are increasing the respiratory damage you could be doing to your lungs, while using a gravity device poses fewer risks.

It really depends on the method you choose, what is being combusted, and if there is any filtration happening to clean the smoke. If you choose to use a vape device, we recommend using a device from a reputable brand that focuses on clean and smooth rips.

Benefits Of Vaping Cannabis

  • Reduce the inhalation of harmful carcinogens. Vaping cannabis has been shown to reduce many carcinogenic byproducts produced by combustion.
  • Vape pens do not smell. While there is a slight odor, it is very thin and dissipates quickly. This makes it a great option for those who need a more covert option.
  • Taste. While there is great demand for great-tasting flower, vaping cannabis can taste great too and capture many of the same profiles.
  • Vaping is very potent. Vaping cannabis provides a very concentrated amount of THC, hence why the oils are called “concentrates” and are known to provide such strong effects.

Cons Of Vaping

  • Vaping high is slightly different. If you have ever consumed flower, you will notice a difference in the high. Some will call it much cleaner and lighter than their natural counterparts.
  • Requires an investment. Some vapes are very affordable, but there is a learning curve to finding your favorite strain, keeping it charged, and maintaining the device.

Benefits Of Smoking

  • Great taste. Smoking cannabis provides a distinct and enjoyable flavor profile that varies by strain. Try smoking out of a bong or other filtered device for extra taste.
  • Unique experience. Consuming cannabis in this manner is not as quick as a hit from a vape. Some prefer it as a more therapeutic and personal method.
  • Unique effects. Smoking cannabis provides a more natural and well-rounded experience with cannabis. Many will agree that consuming flower (or Are Cannabis Edibles for Everyone?, for that matter) is the best way to get the full cannabis experience.

Cons Of Smoking

  • It’s still smoke! There is a common misconception that although smoking tobacco is bad for you, smoking marijuana isn’t. When any plant matter is combusted, it produces tar, carcinogens, and other by-products like toluene, naphthalene, and benzene. That being said, cannabis is proven to be less harmful than tobacco.
  • Stronger odor. Smoking weed can be detected from much farther away, and it lingers for longer than vapor.

Overall, each method has its own benefits and drawbacks. The best way to find what is best for you is to think about your personal preferences and try the options that sound most appealing to you. We recommend trying water filtration devices (or gravity devices!) as well as healthier alternative wraps for joints for a tasteful and enjoyable experience.

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