How To Light A Pre Rolled Joint

January 11, 2021

Cannabis can be consumed in many different forms, each of which offers a unique experience. Depending on your personal taste preferences — and health condition, in certain cases — you can choose to smoke (or inhale) marijuana through a bong or a vape pen, consume edibles such as gummies or chocolates, or lather your skin with full cannabis extract, a type of oil (topical delivery method). However, one of the most common ways of enjoying cannabis is via pre-rolled joints. Here are tips for how to light a pre rolled joint.

What Is A Joint?

A joint consists of cannabis rolled up inside thin paper that is typically white or another similar shade. Joints frequently have filters that provide stability and give you the opportunity to smoke the entire roll without burning your fingers. Joints are different from spliffs — which contain a mixture of cannabis and tobacco — and blunts, which are made of tobacco, are larger than joints and often last significantly longer. According to Medical News Today, smoking cannabis can induce a sense of euphoria within minutes and peak after approximately 20 or 30 minutes. The sensation will generally wear off after approximately 2 hours.

Tips On How To Light A Pre-Rolled Joint

If you are getting ready to smoke a pre-rolled joint for the first time, you may have several questions about how to light it without burning yourself. Here are five helpful tips to follow when lighting pre-rolls.

Be Patient

This may sound like an extremely broad piece of advice, but it’s one of the most important tips to remember when lighting joints. Your pre-roll likely won’t light immediately. You can try watching cigar smokers to see how long they typically wait for their products to light.

Apply Light To The Tip Of The Joint

Just as you would with a regular cigarette, the light should always be applied to the tip of the joint. This will help ensure an even burn. Some cannabis consumers like to roll the tip to make it more pointed; this creates a paper overlap and also allows for a slower and more even burn. Do not ever remove the joint’s tip.

Rotate The Joint Slowly

Before putting the joint in your mouth, slowly rotate it between your thumb and index finger to ensure an even burn. Use your other hand to light the tip. Keep in mind that you don’t need to actually touch the flame to the tip of the joint. Alternatively, you can hold your lighter a few inches from your joint. As long as your fingers are not close to the tip, you should not have to worry about burning your fingertips.

Start With Little Puffs

Once your joint has been lit, you may begin to smoke it. However, it is highly recommended that you start by taking small puffs instead of immediately inhaling large amounts of smoke. If you begin with puffs that are too big, you can potentially cause severe damage to your lungs.

Do Not Inhale While You Are Lighting The Joint

On a similar note, remember to never inhale while lighting your joint. This is one of the ways cannabis pre-rolls are different from regular cigarettes. Not only will you have trouble observing what is happening at the tip, but you will also likely end up with a fast and uneven burn.

When you are smoking a joint, also remember to draw the smoke into your mouth before inhaling it. Be sure to also use your diaphragm when inhaling and exhaling. If you need tips on how to roll cannabis joints, you can try these techniques.

Visit Pure Oasis For More Cannabis Tips

Reach out to the experts at Pure Oasis for more information on how to light pre-rolled joints. We are Boston’s first recreational cannabis dispensary. We offer a user-friendly experience that includes staff who are highly knowledgeable about all of our high-quality products.

At Pure Oasis, our joints and blunts are rolled by a machine. The trim, which contains a blend of buds and bits of cannabis plant leaf bits, can be prepared according to your personal preference. When you smoke a pre-roll, you can expect to experience the full results within 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the joint’s contents and your general tolerance level. One of the primary benefits of pre-rolls is that you know exactly what you are consuming. Pre-rolled joints can also be infused with concentrates or mixed with other cannabis strains if you so desire.

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