Tips On How To Smoke A Joint

January 28, 2021

There are many different ways of enjoying cannabis. You can rub cannabis-scented oils on your body, consume edibles, or smoke marijuana. If you prefer the latter method, you can choose from a variety of formats for smoking cannabis. One such popular format is a joint. Let’s look closely at joints, how they compare to other forms of consuming weed, and the best ways to smoke a cannabis joint.

How Does A Joint Compare To Other Forms Of Smoking?

A joint is one of three major types of cannabis rolls that exist. The other two categories of rolls are spliffs and blunts. Here are the primary differences between these three rolls.

A blunt is a roll that contains cannabis inside of a cigar. Blunts are typically large and are made of tobacco.

Spliffs contain a mixture of cannabis and tobacco but normally have more of the latter than blunts. They also often have filters called crutches.

Joints, which also have crutches, are smaller than blunts and generally do not last as long as blunts. Joints are so small they are typically portable; you can conveniently transport them anywhere you want.

Several different types of rolling papers exist for each of these rolls. It’s important to carefully choose a rolling paper because this will influence your overall cannabis smoking experience, including how your joint burns. Ideally, you want your joint to burn evenly.

Learning How To Roll A Joint Is An Art

The process of rolling a joint is often considered an art because of how intricate it is. The many steps of joint-rolling include grinding the cannabis, making a crutch, filling the joint with weed, and packing it until it takes a conical shape. If you are uncertain about how to roll a joint, you can ask a budtender at your local dispensary or another cannabis professional.

Smoking With A Filter Or Crutch

To create a crutch, you can utilize a thin piece of cardboard, which you will fold to make it resemble an accordion. This filter is added to the tip of the rolling paper. The main purpose of a crutch is to impede the cannabis shake from falling out while you smoke. It also adds stability and can stop you from burning your fingertips.

Tips For How To Smoke A Joint

If you are smoking a joint for the first time, there are multiple recommendations you can follow to ensure a pleasant experience. However, here are three particularly helpful tips to keep in mind.

Check The Strain You Are Smoking

The first precaution you should take before smoking a joint is to verify what strain of cannabis you are consuming. Certain marijuana strains offer stronger “high” sensations than others. Additionally, some strains — such as Indica — are better than others for treating anxiety and insomnia. Meanwhile, other strains like Sativa will give you greater energy. Therefore, it’s always important to know exactly what you’re consuming, as with any other type of product.

Roll Your Joint Properly

If your joint is not properly rolled, you may not be able to enjoy it as much. Additionally, on an aesthetic level, a proper roll leads to an even burn (and consequently, less injuries on your fingertips). Rolling joints takes practice, so just remember to be patient and don’t become frustrated after the first attempt.

Make Sure You Inhale

This is one of the most important tips to remember when smoking joints. Excessive smoking can hurt your lungs. Therefore, it’s often recommended that you take slow puffs in order to avoid irritation. One good tip to follow is to slowly inhale approximately two-thirds of your hit and then take a deep breath. Cannabinoids contained in weed such as THC increase the flow of air and thus accelerate absorption.

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