7 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Boston Dispensary

December 18, 2023

Boston’s cannabis subculture is quickly blossoming into something thriving and exciting—which means that with this uptick in popularity is an increase in dispensaries at which hobbyists can purchase their products.

However, picking a good dispensary is more than choosing the one closest to where you live or work. The difference between a great cannabis experience and a poor one may come down to the dispensary you trust with your marijuana.

Here are seven factors to consider when choosing a Boston dispensary, including the products they offer and how to tell if they are quality items or whether you should look elsewhere.


One of the top factors to consider is whether the dispensary you are considering offers a wide range of products. Good dispensaries understand that not everyone will enjoy a blunt, an edible, or even a tincture and seek to provide various options that suit newcomers and long-time veterans.

From the variants and strains offered to the types of consumption, such as smoking or even lotions, a high-quality dispensary can point you toward some of their stock that fulfills your goals.

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Operating any brick-and-mortar business can be expensive, and one of the easiest ways for owners to cut costs is to stock lower-quality products. When considering a dispensary, choose one that opts for high-quality items you can trust.

One element is whether the item is third-party tested and verified. This ensures the product contains the ingredients it purports to so that you can feel confident you are buying what you intend. Of course, quality also impacts flavor and experience—no one wants to use old, off-tasting ingredients for their experience.


While it’s true that a business needs to turn a profit, it’s also true that fair and transparent pricing should be one of their top priorities. Reputable dispensaries will avoid selling products for a high markup.

If their items are more expensive, they should have a reason—such as growing the bud in-house or making handmade edibles. They should also be transparent with any surcharges and clear on the cost of items individually and in bundles, if applicable.

Pay attention to payment options, too; quality dispensaries will invest in the infrastructure to take credit or debit cards or online payments so that you have greater protection as the consumer.

Customer Service

The best Boston dispensaries fill their establishments with staff (called budtenders) who are eager to see their customers succeed, regardless of which products they use.

Choose a dispensary whose staff is happy to answer your questions and can provide thorough, detailed insight into what they sell and how to use it. They should help you with dosing or identifying a product suitable for your needs.


Boston dispensaries don’t always have a choice about where their building is located, but they can take action to simplify the visit. From installing ample parking to providing clear signage, aim for a dispensary that shows it cares about your convenience.

Start by looking for dispensaries near you, but don’t be afraid to establish a relationship with one a little further away if they fulfill many other elements on this list.


How do other people talk about the dispensary you’re considering? While it’s true that some people are hard to please, you should be able to pick up trends (both positive and negative) from reading reviews. Well-reviewed locations tend to treat their customers better and offer higher-quality products.

Community Impact

Good dispensaries understand that they can be more than just a business. Is the dispensary you’re considering participating in any community programs? Pure Oasis, for instance, has offered scholarships and held legal advice days to help those with marijuana convictions expunge them from their records the correct way.

As the landscape surrounding cannabis continues to change in the US, dispensaries can play essential roles in their communities if they put in the effort.

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Trust Pure Oasis with Your Cannabis Needs

If you are in the market for a dispensary you can trust for all of your cannabis products and accessories, take the time to vet any establishments before you give them a try. This can save you a lot of hassle and time—plus, you’ll get higher-quality products.

The team at Pure Oasis is always eager to help customers find the products that suit them, dose them properly, and identify the accessories they need for the best experience. Stop by Pure Oasis to explore our dispensary or ask questions.

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