Pros & Cons Of Pre Rolled Blunts

December 14, 2020

Pre-rolled blunts still constitute a highly popular way of consuming cannabis. They offer new marijuana consumers the opportunity to try what experienced weed users never had the chance to consume. Pre-rolls are easily shared and are generally less expensive than other methods of consuming cannabis, such as bongs and other similar accessories. However, they are not without their drawbacks. Here is a close look at the pros and cons of pre-rolled marijuana blunts.

Pros Of Pre-Rolled Blunts

Although there are several advantages to pre-rolled blunts, here we will focus on four: their neatness and easy-to-use nature, the wide variety of strains that are offered as pre-rolls, the fact that you always know exactly what you are getting with blunts, and their consistency and low cost.

Disposable & Easy To Use

One of the most evident benefits of pre-rolls is the fact that they are extremely easy to use. If you are concerned you may not be able to neatly roll a joint, this is the perfect option for you. Blunts are also disposable, much like regular cigarettes; therefore, you do not need to worry about storing them. Today, pre-rolls are typically loaded and rolled by a machine rather than prepared manually.

Additionally, pre-rolls are so discreet that, at a distance, they can be confused with regular cigars. In some cases, the sophisticated packaging can even mask the smell of weed.

Ability To Try New Strains Of Pre-Rolled Blunts

In addition to being easy to use, pre-rolled blunts represent one of the most effective ways of trying new cannabis strains. Unlike twenty or more years ago, when there were only a few widely distributed strains of marijuana, there now exist dozens of varieties of indica and sativa. Examples of new, highly-sought-after strains you can try include Magnum PI, Grand Hindu, and Plum Dawg Millionaire. Be sure to understand the primary differences between sativa and indica buds (e.g., in terms of smell), however, so that you know which strains align with your personal preferences.

Knowing Exactly What You Are Buying

With pre-rolls, you can always know exactly what you are getting. Pre-rolls are filled with a base called “trim,” which is a mixture of buds and pieces of leaves directly derived from the cannabis plant. Trim can be filled with cannabis flower or popcorn buds (A-grade or B-grade). They may also be infused with concentrates such as resin and waxes or mixed with various strains. If you have more specific questions about a pre-roll’s trim, you may ask an experienced budtender.

Consistent & Cost-Effective

Pre-rolled blunts are also characterized by their consistent quality, which is not always found in hand-rolled joints. When you purchase a pre-roll at a dispensary, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing exactly how much weed you are inhaling, how soon you can expect to feel a “high” effect, and approximately how long this sensation will last. This can help you save money because an experienced budtender will be able to tell you how much you need to spend in order to feel a given effect, and not a cent more.

Cons Of Pre-Rolled Blunts

Despite all of these benefits, pre-rolled blunts also have their downsides. One of their most notable drawbacks is their uneven burn rate.

Uneven Burn Rate

Pre-rolls often burn unevenly, which many cannabis users say negatively impacts the experience. If you manage to get your hands on a high-quality blunt, however, you may benefit from a more even burn. There are several things you can try if your pre-rolls are burning unevenly; for example, you can use different rolling papers or rotate your joint while smoking it.

Speak To An Experienced Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

Reach out to the experienced professionals at Pure Oasis in Boston for more information on pre-rolled blunts and joints and their benefits. We are Boston’s first recreational cannabis dispensary and offer a user-friendly experience that includes highly knowledgeable staff.

We carry several varieties of indica, sativa, and hybrid marijuana flower. The trim of our pre-rolls contains a blend of A-grade and B-grade popcorn buds and can be infused with concentrates. They can also be wrapped according to your preference. When you smoke a pre-roll, you can expect to experience the full “high” effect within 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the contents of the blunt or joint. We always recommend that consumers, especially first-time users, begin with the lowest possible dose —- every person’s tolerance level is different.

If you are over 21, we are ready to serve you. Call Pure Oasis today at (617) 420-6837, or contact us online to speak to one of our budtenders.

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