Why The Blue Dream Strain Is Popular Among Medical Marijuana Users

July 3, 2023

Marijuana is an enjoyable tool for relaxation and mood change, whether used recreationally or medically. However, those that rely on cannabis products to address medical needs often look more closely at the effects of the strains they try because they are carefully selecting ideal combinations of terpenes that achieve the relief they need. Among medical marijuana strains, Blue Dream remains one of the most popular varieties available, and for a good reason.

Here is what you need to know about Blue Dream strain effects, including why it’s so popular among medical marijuana users, where it came from, and what you can expect if you try it yourself.

The Origin of Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a hybrid variant that is Sativa-forward. It came from parents Blueberry and Haze, though the person or dispensary that first crossed these lines is still unknown. Blueberry started under DJ Short as early as the 1970s when the Haze Brothers with Dave Watson were simultaneously crafting Haze.

It took until the early 2000s for Blue Dream to appear from these cultivars, but when it did, it quickly took the cannabis world by storm. Exceptionally simple to produce, Blue Dream filled a niche in the Cali medical market, with customers looking for something consistent and widely available. Since then, Blue Dream has become legendary as one of the most utilized medical strains.

The Blue Dream Flavor Profile

The Blue Dream strain adopts many of the same characteristics as its parents. Blue Dream creates a consistent puff, whereas Haze is smooth on the smoke. The Blueberry heritage contributes a sweet and berry-like smell and flavor, making Blue Dream ideal for smoking in places where the skunky or diesel smell of other strains would be unwelcome.

The berry flavor makes Blue Dream an appealing ingredient in edibles such as muffins and candies. Overall, Blue Dream is a pleasant experience that is easy and enjoyable for those who rely on marijuana for medical needs.

The Experience With Blue Dream

Blue Dream is enjoyed by both medical marijuana patients and recreational enthusiasts alike. The reason for this comes down to Blue Dream’s unique experience profile, which mitigates the intense high of some Sativa strains without compromising the experience.

The high is balanced, stimulating the brain and providing uplifting, creative energy without forcing the user into an intense head high. The less forward Sativa experience—despite Blue Dream’s Sativa-forward heritage—reduces the odds of anxiety or racing thoughts as side effects of consuming this strain.

Alongside the balanced Sativa effects, Blue Dream boasts a robust assortment of Indica effects, including profound relaxation of the entire body. For those who struggle with anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, this deeply relaxed state is why Blue Dream remains one of the most popular medical variants.

The calmness induced by Blue Dream’s Indica parentage maintains some mental sharpness and creativity so that users can still focus on tasks that are pleasing to them rather than drifting immediately off to sleep.

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Other Variants to Try

Blue Dream is a highlight among the medical marijuana crowd. Still, it’s not the only option for deep relaxation with a pleasant, sweet flavor and aroma. Blue Dream CBD, Double Dream, and Blue Magoo are alternatives to try, whether for fun or to refine the medical experience further.

Double Dream features the same fruity profile, this time with a more floral and spice-infused take, and also offers a balanced euphoria that fades into healthy relaxation. Users report that many of the strains within the Blueberry family, including Blue Dream, are powerful options for combatting nausea.

Historically, marijuana with such effects has been used as far back as the 1960s as a treatment for the nausea that comes with many powerful medications, such as chemotherapy and HIV/AIDS treatment. Those looking for more appetite-centric help can try Blue Dream and its half-sibling, Blue Magoo, to see which option works better. Both contain terpenes that can help with appetite loss.

Get the Blue Dream strain and More From Your Local Dispensary

Blue Dream is one of the most popular strains among medical marijuana users, and it is not hard to see why. For decades, this creation has been at the forefront of many enthusiasts’ lists of the best strains for newbies and veterans.

Whether you’ve tried Blue Dream or this is your first time, get your cannabis and accessories from a reputable dispensary. The experts at Pure Oasis are happy to help our customers with everything from finding an ideal strain to proper dosage and accessory maintenance. Please stop by one of our locations to try something new!

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