How To Determine The Quality Of Cannabis Resin

December 12, 2022

cannabis market chartThe global cannabis market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 24.3% to become an $82.3 billion industry by 2027. With highly accelerated growth and vast legalization in many U.S. states, the cannabis industry will soon become one of the largest industries not only in the U.S. but in the world.

However, with a gap in demand and supply, many new cannabis farmers and sellers are entering the market. You may end up buying poor-quality cannabis hash or resin because of low-quality checking standards, and the industry is relatively new. You can find the perfect cannabis bud or resin by following a few simple and quick steps.

What Is Cannabis Resin?

There are many ways to consume cannabis products. You can smoke it with a bong or pipe, eat it in the form of edibles or consume it in resin form. Resins are semisolid or solid organic substances. They do not crystalize and are water-insoluble.

Cannabis resins are sticky, dark brown substances found on the trichome of cannabis plants. These trichomes have psychoactive effects and produce good medical efficacy from marijuana. Because of these elements, resins are considered the richest and most valuable part of the cannabis plant.

How to Determine the Quality of Resin

Choosing a live resin on your own can be difficult. However, there are some qualities and factors through which you can determine if the resin is worth buying and consuming.

1. Cost

If you are looking for high-quality and authentic resin, you should always buy from authentic sources and compare the price. A cheap price or low market value can indicate a low-quality product. One gram of concentrate costs more than a marijuana bud or a flower. The resin cost will be high compared to the bud, as you will need a small quantity. But before you begin, check the price of different brands and flower types to determine the cost of resin.

2. Potency

When buying the concentrate, check the price-to-potency ratio and compare it to the bud price. THC or CBD in buds is only about 10% to 25% potent, while the potency levels in resins are much higher. They can be as high as 95% and low as 50%. As a result, people consume them less than buds, and they cost more.

3. Time

THC tolerance and dab times determine the duration of one gram of marijuana or other buds. For people who dab once in a blue moon, one gram should be enough to serve for a minimum of two weeks. However, if you are a passionate dabber with high THC tolerance, one gram will not last even two days. The consumption rate should tell you the quality of the resin. One gram of any cannabis hash should be enough for 20 days of dabbing if it’s concentrated.

4. Purity

Determining purity before buying cannabis extract is crucial. There are several factors, like texture and color, that can help in determining the purity of resin. Light gold color oils and concentrates are best for buying and consumption and have the highest quality. Lab testing is the most accurate and reliable method of testing potency and purity. Always go for sellers whose resins and flowers are lab-tested and verified.

5. Safety

Safety should be your top priority when buying any cannabis-related product. You should purchase products from legal dispensaries and outlets with reasonable safety and quality reviews. It is essential to know that not all concentrates are used for smoking or dabbing.

Moreover, ISO wax, RSO, and tinctures should be ingested. The ideal step is to consult with budtenders to learn more about consumption methods and reconditions.

6. Storage

Resin packaging and containers should tell you a lot about the seller and the quality of the product. Most dispensaries sell cannabis goods in plastic containers. However, many people prefer buying them in silicon containers. These containers prevent oil wastage and prevent reins from sticking to the sides. After buying the concentrate, you will need dabbing equipment. Some of the popular equipment is below:

Types of Cannabis Extracts

There are various types of cannabis extracts, and they are used differently:

purple punch cannabis edible

  • Budder (also called whipped wax)
  • Oils (produced by using CO2, primarily used in vape pen cartridges)
  • Butane hash oil (which have high levels of THC)
  • Rosin
  • Wax (which is sticky and can be dabbed or vaped)
  • Live resin

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