Ways To Smoke Cannabis Flower

April 19, 2021

Cannabis flower is a plant that many people consume for either recreational or medicinal reasons. Also known as “bud,” the flower is the smokeable portion of this plant, which is grown, dried, harvested, and cured before being sold and marketed publicly.

There are various strains of marijuana—including Sativa, Indica, and hybrid—each of which has unique characteristics, generates different effects, and provides distinct benefits.

5  Ways To Smoke Cannabis Flower

One of the first things you should know about weed is that every user’s tolerance level is unique. Therefore, you will typically be most safe by beginning with small doses.

However, the cannabis flower is different from other forms of the drug because it lacks a set dosing structure. The potency of the flower is expressed as a percentage that reflects the proportion of milligrams of cannabinoids (such as THC) per gram of cannabis flower. Depending on your environment and personal preferences, you can choose any of these 5 ways to smoke cannabis flower:

1. Joint

The joint was one of the first methods of smoking cannabis that was introduced and remains highly popular today. Like blunts, joints are discreet and can be rolled manually or prepared by a machine. The base used to fill weed prerolls is called “trim” and is a mixture of cannabis plant leaf bits and buds.

It’s important to note that weed joints are different from spliffs, which is weed mixed with tobacco. Joints are also one of the most inexpensive ways to smoke marijuana, so you can choose this method if you’re seeking affordable options.

2. Blunt

Blunts are essentially empty cigar wrappings that are packed with cannabis flower and then sealed again. They can either be pre-rolled or you can roll them yourself. You simply need cannabis flower and tobacco leaves.

You can use a grinder if you want, although it’s not necessary. Blunts are also larger than joints, which means that they burn more slowly due to their paper wrap’s thickness. Like joints, however, blunts can be passed around in a group after you take a few puffs.

3. Bong

A bong is essentially a water pipe. This accessory has two main parts: a chamber that contains water (not completely filled) and a downstem that links this chamber and holds your cannabis. Bongs are made of several different materials, including glass, metal, bamboo, and ceramic. There are also multiple different types of bongs, including:

  • Beaker-shaped bongs
  • Carburetor bongs
  • Percolator bongs
  • Multi-chamber bongs

You can also make and use one of two styles of gravity bongs: waterfall gravity and bucket gravity bongs. These bongs are essentially made up of a pair of empty plastic bottles. For bucket gravity bongs, you submerge a small bottle (that has a weed bowl atop it) in a water bucket or a large bottle.

On the other hand, you can create a gravity bong by making holes in the bottoms and caps of two bottles, plugging the former holes with your finger, filling up the bottles with water, placing your cannabis in a bowl, and lighting it. Keep in mind that a bong can quickly produce a strong “high” sensation, so be especially careful how much cannabis you smoke when using this device.

4. Pipe

Pipes are a simple and elegant way to smoke cannabis. They are also typically compact (which means you can easily transport them) and do not require water or power. All you have to do is crush your flower, place it in the bowl, and light it. Pipes are often made of glass or wood.

5. Vape Pens

Also known as “vaporizers,” vape pens are small, tube-like, or rectangular-shaped devices that you can use to smoke cannabis. They are called “pens” because they resemble this type of writing utensil. They typically contain a THC cartridge and a battery and lower the temperature at which THC and other cannabinoids transform into a gas (from a liquid or solid state).

This helps preserve several of the ingredients that may risk destruction upon you lighting the weed. Vape pens are also beneficial because they hide the smell of marijuana better than other items used to smoke cannabis. Depending on the dispensary, you may also find other accessories to smoke cannabis, such as bowls, hookahs, and gas masks.

Speak To The Cannabis Experts About Cannabis Flower

Contact the professionals at Pure Oasis for more information about the various ways of smoking cannabis flower. We are Boston’s first recreational marijuana dispensary and provide a user-friendly experience that includes knowledgeable budtenders and high-quality products.

We offer Indica, Sativa, and hybrid cannabis strains. Keep in mind that the full effects of cannabis flower typically set in after around 30 minutes to one hour and decrease over time.

However, each person’s tolerance level is different. The accessories we sell for smoking weed include joints, blunts, bongs, pipes, and vaporizers (including vape pens). We can also often mix cannabis with concentrates.

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