Are Cannabis Edibles for Everyone?

April 12, 2021

Cannabis edibles are one of the go-to options for recreational users who are just starting to get into cannabis since its legalization. Popularity has been booming across the country due to its ease of consumption and often potent effects.

Smoking and consuming marijuana are very different, and anyone who has tried both knows just how different they can be. But why is this the case? While edibles are easier than ever to obtain and consume, are they really the best choice for everyone?

The Difference Between Edibles and Smoking

While many may not think there is much of a difference, the manner in which you consume cannabis actually plays a big role in the type of effects that are felt and how the body reacts.

When THC and CBD are taken orally rather than inhaled, the chemicals are processed by the liver, not the lungs. This is known as the pass effect, which creates an entirely different chemical that reacts in your brain. This chemical is 11-hydroxy-metabolite, which is actually five times more psychoactive than THC.

The effects of eating cannabis could leave you high for longer than eight hours — even if there isn’t a very high level of THC in the edibles. Sometimes these effects can be very intense for novice users, but research tells us that it would take over 1500 pounds to kill you, so you will be fine! Just take it slow at first, always keep a close eye on the dosage you are taking, and give the edible plenty of time to kick in.

Should I Take Edibles or Not?

This is a question only you can answer! Everyone is different and has their own experiences with both methods. One thing we do know, though, is that consuming edibles is going to give you a very strong, long-lasting experience.

This means that if you are a novice when it comes to cannabis, your first edible experience may be pretty intense. If you are looking for a more mild entry into this experience, trying out cannabis through a water pipe can give you a taste of what to expect without being subject to the carcinogens that come from smoking a joint.

Studies have shown us that everyone reacts to edibles differently, so your experience may not be the same as your friends. Some people do not get as high from THC edibles as others, while some feel more pronounced effects of CBD when taken in edible form.

The key to this is to take it slow and gradually build up as your tolerance increases and you know what to expect.

Do CBD and THC Edibles Have Interactions with Other Drugs?

Cannabis is just like any other drug; it can pose risks for those who may be on other medications.

Since edibles are processed in the liver, other medications you may be on can either be enhanced or inhibited depending on the circumstances. For example, CBD can potentially have negative reactions with blood thinners, as it can increase the efficacy of these drugs and cause too much thinning.

Most people recommend vaporizing CBD if you are on these medications, as this bypasses the liver and does not have any effect on any medications you may be taking.

Any form of cannabis can have different interactions as well. Cannabis affects enzyme levels that in turn can speed up or slow down the metabolism of other drugs, just how certain vitamins can improve medication effectiveness. Not all of these interactions are bad, though, as cannabis has been shown to help augment pain tolerance in those who take prescription opioids.

Should I Take Cannabis Edibles?

Just like with any medication out there, edibles are different for everybody. The only way to find out is to try and see what works for you. As we mentioned briefly, always make sure to start slow and gradually increase dosages in order to avoid any overly intense experiences.

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Overall, edibles are a great option for those who need help with pain, insomnia, or are looking for a different way to consume cannabis other than smoking.

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