Misconceptions About Cannabis Concentrates

June 28, 2021

Common Misconceptions about Cannabis Concentrates

As the popularity of cannabis concentrates continues to grow, there are more and more misconceptions about alternate forms of cannabis that are making their way into the mainstream.

More and more businesses are beginning to add concentrates, so it is important that some of these rumors are addressed so people do not miss out on the clean and potent experience that concentrates can provide.

Although the use of concentrates and dabbing has been around for a while, there are still many misconceptions about its perceived risks and benefits. For this reason, we wanted to take a second and discuss some of the more common misconceptions to provide insight into this unique consumption method.

Concentrates are BETTER Than Flower

This is a very common myth that many people have been falsely spreading. Concentrates are not considered to be universally “better” than flower; they are just different. Each method has its own set of benefits and drawbacks just like anything else.

For example, concentrates are definitely more potent than flower and can produce a faster acting high, but flower can provide a more tasteful, mellow, and unique experience that some people still prefer. This all depends on the person and their own personal preferences.

Concentrates are Similar To More Powerful Drugs

This is perhaps one of the most important myths to clear up, as turning cannabis into a concentrate does not make it more dangerous or addictive. Put simply, it is just another method of consumption. Concentrates are completely safe and provide the same benefits that consuming flower does.

While dabbing or vaping concentrates does produce a stronger effect, it is more akin to smoking more flower rather than turning it into a new type of drug.

Some users may become much higher than they anticipated or have before their first time, which is why it is recommended to only move to concentrates if you are a more experienced cannabis consumer.

Concentrates are Dangerous

Some people have proposed that cannabis concentrates contain harmful chemicals and are not safe to consume, even when bought from a reputable shop. This is not the case. All cannabis concentrate products are subject to rigorous testing and approval prior to being allowed to be sold in shops.

Facilities are equipped to handle these solvents and are very strict when it comes to how they’re produced. All the information should be clearly stated on the product’s label, and concentrates should be made by professionals who are working responsibly.

As long as you are checking the label and being careful that you are buying from a trusted and legal source, it is extremely rare to come across concentrates that contain harmful chemicals.

A Hit of Concentrate Will Get You High For Multiple Days

As we mentioned earlier, consuming concentrates does not create a new type of high; it is just a little bit stronger. If you are not used to consuming cannabis, one hit from a concentrate is the equivalent of an entire pre-roll, if not more.

For some people, this can create a slightly uncomfortable experience if their tolerance is not very high, but there have been no instances of anyone being high for days on end from a hit of cannabis. As long as you take it slow and consume the concentrate properly, there is little chance of negative effects occurring.

At the end of the day, marijuana culture will always create stories surrounding new methods of consuming cannabis — it is just a part of the culture.

The important thing to remember is to always perform your own research and figure out what works best for you before you take someone’s word for it.

Cannabis concentrates are just a more potent, “concentrated” form of cannabis that provides a stronger high with less effort. If you are not a seasoned flower or edible user, it is important to be careful, perform research, and know your limits before diving in.

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