Pre-Rolls and the Outdoors: Enhancing Your Adventures with Cannabis

February 12, 2024

Cannabis can level up many activities, but few are as enjoyable and refreshing as exploring the great outdoors. Whether you’re venturing off into nature to take in the sights or savoring time with your friends at an outdoor music venue, don’t forget to think about how marijuana can make these experiences even more memorable.

However, you’ll also need to consider the best way to light up before you go. That’s where the brilliance of pre-rolls comes in. Pre-roll convenience is unbeatable for outdoor enthusiasts thanks to the simplicity of the blunt and the ability to stock up on a wide range of items before you go.

Let’s explore how weed pre-rolls make cannabis consumption easy and enjoyable during activities such as hiking, camping, and festivals.

prerolled joints on glass table

How Cannabis Boosts Outdoor Exploration

Cannabis has been the side hobby of many an outdoor explorer for years, thanks to the various ways it can heighten the senses and deepen the emotional connection that people have with nature, their friends, and even themselves.

Cannabis stimulates the endogenous cannabinoid system, which normally responds to natural chemicals the human body produces that, in their own way, function similarly to THC.

However, the THC in cannabis is stronger than the human body’s endocannabinoids, such as 2-AG. This means that under the influence of THC—such as when consuming marijuana—people experience heightened activity in the amygdala or the part of the brain responsible for interpreting incoming information on a sensory level.

That makes the things we see while high seem much more interesting and intense. The brain kicks into overdrive when coupled with sensory input from activities such as resting in nature’s scents and colorful sights or engaging with friends in a lively music concert. For many, this sensation is a lot of fun!

Why Pre-Rolls?

Of course, to facilitate this enhanced experience, a person will need to partake of some kind of cannabis product. There are plenty of marijuana items to choose from, such as edibles and tinctures. But when planning for a day out of the house, few things beat pre-rolls in terms of convenience.

Pre-rolls, as their name suggests, are blunts rolled in advance. They’re a grab-and-go solution that avoids needing to bring extra accessories with you when you leave the house. That’s especially valuable when you’re spending time away from home.

As an added benefit, pre-rolls are great for outdoor excursions because you can moderate your experience as you go. Try purchasing a sampling of pre-rolls of different types; that way, as you go throughout the day, you can switch things up and keep things exciting and fresh.

Plus, because dispensaries make pre-rolls ahead of time using carefully curated machinery, you’ll likely find that your experience smoking the blunt is better, too. Pre-rolls offer a consistent hit because the joint burns uniformly, so that you can dose carefully.

Safety and Legal Guidelines

While pre-rolls are one of the simplest ways to integrate cannabis into your next outing, you’ll need to be careful about how you consume your joints. Remember—you can’t consume cannabis on public land. If you want to light up, do so before you head out or in a private space.

If you’re bringing pre-rolls with you, any container with marijuana in it must be stored in a secured location, such as the trunk of a car or in a locked glove compartment. All of this effort keeps the public free of those who choose to smoke because smoking in a public place involves strangers who may not consent to that experience.

Remember to stay safe when mixing cannabis with the outdoors. Never drive while under the influence of marijuana, and match your activities with the types of joints you’re smoking.

If something makes you so relaxed that it impacts your motor reflexes, it’s dangerous to commit to a hike where you may slip and fall. Dose properly, and give your body time to adjust between when you partake and start your adventure.

pre-rolled cones for smoking cannabis with cannabis indica in a clear bottle

Stock Up Before Your Next Adventure

Stepping into the outdoors can do wonders for a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and mixing that experience with high-quality cannabis can be truly transformative. Before heading to your next outing, stock up on pre-rolls and any other accessories or items you need to make the experience shine.

The team at Pure Oasis can offer suggestions to help you find the ideal product for your use case and dose it properly. Stop by Pure Oasis to check out our inventory.

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