The Difference Between A Weed Joint Vs. Blunt

December 26, 2022

weed joints next to cannabis flower from Boston dispensary

Cannabis is a $10.8 billion market growing with a 14.9% CAGR. The industry has become so popular that 21 states, along with Washington DC, have legalized the use of recreational cannabis.

The evolution of the cannabis industry has enabled its users to consume cannabis in several ways. They come in edible forms and tinctures, and the old traditional method is to smoke them.

The two popular methods of smoking weed are blunts and joints. But how are they different, and which of the two forms is most suitable for you?

What Is a Blunt?

A blunt is commonly prepared by hollowing out a cigar and filling it with crushed weed. Alternatively, blunt wraps are also found in stores and can be used in place of rolling papers to create blunts.

Blunts are greater in size than other smoking methods, which means they can hold more pot. They are also easy to share with a group of friends and burn slower than joints.

What Is a Joint?

Joints are a well-known and popular method of weed consumption. Just like cigarettes, joints can fit in your pocket and luggage, and you can take them anywhere and light them up when needed. However, it requires some skill to roll a good joint. Alternatively, you can buy joint rollers or pre-rolled joints and avoid manual work.

Here are a few more things to consider:

  • They are significantly smaller and easier to carry
  • Flavored-infused rolling papers add to the experience of smoking a joint
  • Joints don’t contain any tobacco and have a smoother hit

How Is Smoking a Joint Different Than a Blunt?

Even though joints and blunts work the same, the experience is significantly different.

Smoking Joints

Boston, MA man smoking weed blunt

Joints are rolled in light, thin papers, which means they burn faster than blunts. However, since joints are made from just weed (in other words, a higher weed quality), smoking a joint means getting high faster than other forms of smoking weed.

All in all, joints are much more flexible than blunts, and you can smoke them almost everywhere. Moreover, you can mix them with tobacco and other leaves to make spliffs.

Pros and Cons of Smoking a Joint

The most significant advantage of smoking joints is transportation freedom. Since joints are more or less treated like cigarettes, people who don’t want unnecessary attention can find this highly beneficial.

The issue with joints is that they are difficult to roll without prior experience. The joint paper is delicate and can result in weak ends, which leads to burnt finders, a harsh smoking experience, and wasted weed. However, pre-rolled joints are widely available in dispensaries, or you can order them online from Pure Oasis.

Smoking a Blunt

Blunts are considerably thicker than joints, so you can fill them more with ground cannabis. Moreover, the ground weed is packed tightly, which results in slower burning. Using glue or any other agent to seal the blunt can further slow the process.

Pros and Cons of Smoking a Blunt

Blunts provide a premium smoking experience. They can host a good amount of ground weed which is enough to make your smoking experience worth the time and money. The inner core of the weed blunt burns like a conventional cigarette because of the densely-packed weed. However, if you are not puffing, the weed still burns and goes up in smoke.

Burn Time of Blunts Vs. Joints

cannabis flower on tobacco rolling paper

The burn time of a joint depends on the weed quantity in it. A decent weed joint will last between 5 to 15 minutes. A joint with 1 gram or more of weed will take 15 minutes. Passing the joint also affects the burn time because direct inhalation can burn it faster. In contrast, blunts burn longer than joints and can last up to 25 minutes.

Which One Is the Best?

There is no particular winner of the argument when choosing between a joint and a blunt. Both have benefits and limitations. If you want a light experience with flexibility, then go for joints. In contrast, blunts will give a rich experience more suitable for group gatherings.

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