Types Of Cannabis Resin Products

December 28, 2020

At Pure Oasis, we strive to offer a full selection of cannabis products to our customers. We are proud to offer concentrates as part of this selection, and one of those concentrates is cannabis resin.

What Is Cannabis Resin?

Cannabis resin, sometimes called sap, is the light to dark brown sticky substance found on the trichomes of a cannabis plant. Trichomes appear on the flowers and sugar leaves of mature female cannabis plants. This sap-like plant byproduct is considered the most valuable part of the plant and delivers the prime majority of the medical efficacy and psychoactive effects of the compound THC.

Resin also refers to the brown or black tar that builds up in pipes or bongs after several uses without being cleaned. This resin can also be smoked, but is generally only smoked out of desperation. Smoking this resin does not provide the pleasant experience that can be achieved from using any other type of resin. It is also not particularly healthy to smoke this resin due to the amount of tar that the consumer would be breathing in.

What Are The Types Of Cannabis Resin Products?

There are several ways that resins can be harvested to produce concentrates. These include hash, butane hash oil, live resin, rosin, and CO2 oil. Each has their own properties that some may prefer over others, and each is extracted from the cannabis plant in its own way. Some are simple enough to produce yourself in your backyard, and others require a great deal more resources. And some are fairly inexpensive to extract, while others are significantly more expensive.


This traditional cannabis concentrate has been used for many decades. When consumed, a hash can provide a feeling of euphoria. It is made by separating trichome crystals before rolling the substance into a ball or pressing it into a brick. Hash is more popular in Europe and countries such as Morocco, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and Iran. The potency of hash tends to be significantly higher than the unprocessed cannabis flower.

Butane Hash Oil

Abbreviated as BHO, butane hash oil is one of the most popular forms of cannabis concentrate. It is commonly used in dabs due to its potency and fast onset. BHO is made through the process of removing fatty trichome resin glands from the cannabis plant with butane. A downfall to BHO is that the process of extraction requires significant heat, which destroys a portion of the terpenes. The destruction of those terpenes also decreases the medical efficacy of the product. While BHO can be made at home, it’s not recommended, as it requires the use of certain solvents that have the potential to explode.

Live Resin

Live resin is made from cannabis plants that have been flash-frozen immediately post-harvest. By freezing directly after harvest, terpenes and other cannabis compounds do not have the chance to degrade. This type of resin has become increasingly popular, despite its costliness. Cryogenically freezing the plants to a temperature of approximately -292 degrees fahrenheit requires expensive lab equipment and specially trained technicians. This process is what’s known as “full plant” or “full spectrum” due to the utilization of every part of the plant. One of the benefits of live resin is that the flash freezing process preserves the terpene profile. Terpenes are responsible for the full-bodied aroma of the plant.


Rosin or “rosin tech” is made when dried and cured flowers of the plant are pressed under a combination of heat and pressure, releasing THC-rich resin. Unlike some other resins, rosin can be produced safely in your own home, with just some parchment paper and a hair straightener. It also does not require any potentially harmful extraction solvents. It should be noted, though, that the quality of any homemade rosin is highly dependent upon the potency and purity of the plant used in the production of it.

CO2 Oil

CO2 oil is a type of cannabis concentrate derived from cannabis resin that has been extracted from a plant with a solvent. However, instead of using butane like hash oil, CO2 is used. The use of CO2 as a solvent is preferred by some consumers due to it being natural and a safer option when compared with butane. This resin is another that is highly expensive to extract due to the equipment and personnel necessary. Like butane hash oil, CO2 oil would be dangerous to attempt to manufacture in your own home.

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