How To Smoke Live Resin

April 26, 2022

live resin in small spoonCannabis culture is known for its passionate development of new ways to get high. In the age of legal recreational cannabis, an abundance of cannabis concentrates now appear in hundreds of dispensaries across the country.

Legalization has given cannabis a full-spectrum face-lift. New concentrates not only promise quality but also offer consumers a comparable level of strength and potency that was formerly restricted to underground circles of cannabis enthusiasts.

When it comes to vaping, one of the most popular cannabis extracts is live resin. It is a dense yet powerful substance that has become something of an industry celebrity. As consumers move away from other vape products – often due to respiratory-related health concerns – they have shifted toward other cannabis concentrates like live resin.

Cannabis concentrate sales have seen a steady rise. In 2020 alone, live resin sales recorded a 40% increase. Consumers have become more comfortable with live resin because not only can you vape it, you can also consume it through an intricate technique known as dabbing.

For those who are new to cannabis concentrates like live resin, here’s an overview of everything you want to know:

Live Resin – An Overview

In 2013, William “Kind Bill” Fenger and Jason “Giddy Up” Emo teamed up to revolutionize the cannabis world by extracting aromatic, freshly-harvested weed into what we now know as live resin.

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate made from the fresh flowers of the cannabis plant. At the peak of the cannabis plant’s harvest, its flowers are cut and frozen to preserve their valuable trichomes. Trichomes contain a plant’s essence, including its cannabinoids. The live resin process then purges the plant with solvents to create a concentrated material of varying densities and textures.

Live resin’s manufacturing procedures are similar to those of other concentrates. Live resin is a thick, sauce-like extract that resembles butter or crystallized honey. That’s how it came to be known by its more popular nickname “honey oil”.

live resin on spoon placed on big leafLive resin’s terpene profile can be described as complex and aromatic, as well as rich in flavor. Its taste has often been compared to fresh fruit, as well as astringent herbs like green or black tea.

According to a study by Headset, a live resin is a concentrated substance. This product is chemically or mechanically derived from the cannabis plant with higher levels of cannabinoid potency than the original plant, making it perfect for vaporizing or smoking.

The act of smoking live resin requires some level of technique. This next section explains how cannabis users smoke live resin for maximum benefit.

How To Smoke Live Resin

Given live resin’s heavy, honey-like appearance, exactly how does one smoke it? Simply put, it’s consumed in the same manner as any other cannabis concentrate.

There are several different methods for smoking live resin, among them:

  • Oil or dab rigs
  • A dab or wax pen
  • Nectar collectors
  • Vaporizers

Dabbing With A Rig

One preferred method for inhaling live resin is dabbing. Dabbing uses a multipurpose vaporizer from which users can smoke the extract. The dab rig uses water vapor to filter the live resin.

Dab rigs can be purchased at dispensaries and other smoke shops. Do your homework before purchasing a dab rig. At the end of the day, dab rigs are not only expensive but costlier than most other cannabis consumption equipment.

Using Joint Or Bowl

Live resin can be smoked from a joint or bowl, but be mindful of your smoke temperature. Live resin is a more volatile oil with a lower smoke point, and high heat can burn the cannabis terpenes and other flavor compounds. Temperature control is key to an optimal live resin smoking experience.


multiple vape pensNumerous manufacturers offer ready-to-use THC vape cartridges or pods. This makes vaping one of the most accessible methods for live resin cannabis consumption. There are even vape cartridges for sale that come pre-filled with live resin extracts.

Dabbing With A Nectar Collector

A nectar collector refers to a bong attached to a soldering tool. To use a nectar collector, place the live resin concentrates in a safe-to-use dish and apply heat – then inhale.

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