What Is Live Resin?


April 11, 2022

live resin close upDiscovering new ways to get high is one of the highlights of the cannabis industry. Cannabis users who prefer vaping might already be familiar with distillate, a type of cannabis extract designed for use in vape pens. Distillate, however, is not the only cannabis extract on the market – there’s also live resin. Deciding whether or not you prefer to vape cannabis with distillate or live resin is a matter of personal preference.

Some compare the difference between the two cannabis concentrates as the difference between drinking orange juice from concentrate (distillate) and drinking orange juice that is freshly squeezed (live resin). If you’re intrigued about the benefits of getting high with live resin concentrates, this guide is all you need. Provided below is an overview of what live resins are, what distinguishes live resins from other cannabis concentrates, and the kind of experience you can expect when using live resin.

What Is Live Resin?

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate extracted from the fresh flowers of the cannabis plant. Plants are harvested at the peak of the season, then flash-frozen to ensure maximum preservation of “trichomes,” also known as the essence of the plant.

The trichomes are one of the most critical components of the cannabis plant. This is where it’s terpenes and cannabinoids are stored. Terpenes determine a cannabis variety’s aroma, while cannabinoids are the chemical compounds responsible for creating a cannabis high. Once the cannabis flowers are flash-frozen, their essence is extracted to create live resin. ,

Looks Like Honey But Packs A Punch

Live resin has a dense, sauce-like consistency similar to crystallized honey. Also similar to honey, the color of live resin ranges from light yellow to dark yellow to white. Live resin is quite sticky, like most cannabis extracts, so it’s recommended that you use a dab tool during preparation.

Live resin concentrates are rich in THC. This creates a strong, intense high that may be more ideal for seasoned cannabis users than people who are new to cannabis consumption. This, coupled with its high terpene content, which provides the aroma of the resin, results in a great product for cannabis users.

How Are Live Resins Created?

live resin packingLive resin is created by flash-freezing the cannabis plants immediately after harvest. The plants remain frozen throughout the extraction process, omitting the entire drying, curing, and trimming stages.

Flash-freeze extraction is arguably superior to extraction by drying and curing. This is because the drying and curing process impacts the plant’s terpenes, in other words its natural flavors and aromas. During the drying and curing process, moisture and chlorophyll exit the plant.

As a result, the plant is exposed to heat, oxygen, and light, which break down the terpenes. The trichomes also break off the plant when handled and moved during harvesting.

Flash-freezing, by contrast, protects the terpenes. So, when live resin is created, the terpene profile remains unhindered. This explains live resin’s reputation for rich and aromatic flavors. Since the live resin has a high terpene concentration, the live resin can deliver a taste similar to fresh fruit or herbs.

What Is The Difference Between Cured Resin And Live Resin?

The primary difference between distillates, or cured resin concentrates, and live resin concentrates is the starting material. Cured resin is created from dried plant material. Live resin is produced from frozen plant material preserved during the extraction process.

Whether one is better than the other depends on a person’s preference. While the live resin is often considered superior to cured resin, any resin with light hydrocarbons is considered flavorful and aromatic.

How the Terpene Content Impacts Live Resins

Terpenes influence the unique aromas and flavors of different cannabis plants. Live resin concentrate retains the highest percentage of terpene content possible, far more than other cannabis concentrates

Unlike cannabinoids, terpenes are not psychoactive. However, they do contribute to the overall quality of the cannabis experience. The terpene compound compliments the cannabinoids to initiate the ‘entourage effect,’ a term used to describe the combined impact of both the plant substances.

How To Store Live Resin

live resin in jarYou should store live resin in a cool, air-tight jar in the refrigerator. This will protect the terpene content and preserve the smell and taste for a long time. Unfortunately, leaving resin uncovered will expose it to air, heat, or light, which can disintegrate the terpenes and affect flavor. This will also induce dryness and make the substance challenging to manage.

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Resin has become a fan favorite among consumers and producers alike. The cannabis concentration comes in a striking array of flavors, making it both a delightful but affordable option.

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