What Is Cannabis Wax?

July 5, 2021

Cannabis wax is one of the most highly potent and popular forms of marijuana concentrate available at your local weed shop. This gooey and waxy form of marijuana is perfect for both recreational or medicinal uses due to its high concentration of THC and the variety of smoking methods that can be used to consume this form of cannabis.

Wax is created from a process known as extraction in which the psychoactive components of the plant are “extracted” from the plant and allowed to crystallize and solidify into a solid mass. Depending on how this process is carried out, wax can be made to be gooey and crumbly or hard and rigid. The highest quality waxes are not determined by form but by a brilliant golden-amber color.

For cannabis enthusiasts and those looking to experience an intense high with a superior flavor, wax can offer an extremely potent psychoactive experience. With high cannabinoid concentration and THC content averaging between 60% and 80%, wax is not for newcomers to cannabis.

Cannabis wax is generally smoked using a dab rig but can also be vaped, as long as the temperature is high enough. Most forms of wax are very user-friendly and are easy to work with. Unlike shatter, wax doesn’t break into pieces easily yet is firmer than oil, which can be difficult to handle and dab with.

How To Use Cannabis Wax

Wax requires more of a process than simply smoking cannabis flower. With flower, all you need is a makeshift piece and a lighter, and you are set. With wax, on the other hand, you will need some extra pieces of gear.

The most common method for consuming cannabis wax is through the dabbing method. This method has gained popularity due to its immediate and pronounced psychoactive effects. The dabbing method consists of a dab rig, a nail, a torch to heat the nail, and your wax.

Wax requires much higher temperatures than flower does to consume, so a torch is needed to heat the nail to very high temperatures.

When the dab nail is ready, a glob of wax can be scooped up with the dab tool and spread around the nail. While you are spreading the wax onto the nail, you are pulling air through the piece in order to inhale the wax vapor.

This vapor is typically much cleaner and smoother than cannabis flower, and is much stronger due to the high concentrations of THC. Some smokers also opt to use a carb cap.

The carb cap regulates airflow and vaporizes the wax at a much lower temperature and allows you to get more out of each hit. When you’re ready to inhale, lift the carb cap and inhale the vapor from the rig.

Vaping Wax

Vaping wax is very easy to do and just requires a good vape that has a coil that can heat up to the proper temperature to dab. While vaping requires higher temperatures than should be used for flowers, experts recommend avoiding overheating. Hotter temperatures tend to produce vapors that can taste harsh and burnt, while the sweet spot temperatures deliver gentle clouds of vapor with pure, smooth flavors.

To vape wax, drop a small drop of wax into the vaporizer’s heating chamber or onto the heating coils. From there, turn on the vaporizer, heat to the desired temperature, and inhale the vapor produced inside the device.

What Are The Benefits of Cannabis Wax?

Cannabis wax has many benefits, which is why it has become so popular within the cannabis community. For starters, it is much more potent. For stoners who are looking for a stronger punch to their smoking sessions, dabs can afford a very quick and potent experience. In addition, dabs do not produce as much smoke and odor as smoking a weed joint or blunt notoriously produces.

This can make wax a much more convenient choice for those of us who do not have the luxury of hotboxing our apartment regularly. These enhanced effects also make wax a great choice for health-related consumption for conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, and more.

If you are a beginner when it comes to cannabis, approach wax with caution! Dabbing or vaping wax can be a fun experience, but it is easy to take it too far.

That being said, wax can be found at any local dispensary and is a great choice for those who want to get a fresh, new, and clean smoking experience. Pure Oasis is Boston’s first cannabis dispensary. Their shop is known for its knowledgeable staff and a wide variety of high-quality cannabis products.

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