Are Cannabis-Infused Edibles Better than Smoking?


October 18, 2022
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As the cannabis industry continues its steady growth, consumers are seeking more and more innovative methods for using marijuana. Smoking is the most well-known and popular method of cannabis consumption, but many consumers don’t want to deal with smoke inhalation or the odor of smoke.

For these consumers, cannabis edibles tend to be their preference. Cannabis edibles are not only easy to consume (and smoke-free), but also offer countless food and flavor options.

Let’s learn more about cannabis edibles, including what they are, how they function in your body, and how they are able to produce a high that may last for hours.

What are Edibles?

Cannabis edibles, put simply, are food products that contain cannabinoids.

When ingested, the chemical elements in cannabis, known as cannabinoids, can impact your mind and body. One example of a common cannabinoid that is present in most marijuana strains is THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is responsible for inducing feelings of euphoria (or a “high”) in users.

By contrast, cannabis also contains a non-intoxicating cannabinoid called CBD (cannabidiol). CBD may offer some medicinal advantages. Though further studies are required to authorize this, many consumers have confirmed this through usage.

More people now opt for marijuana to ease pain and discomfort. These euphoria-inducing, nerve-calming edibles seem to be their first choice. Businesses are now enhancing their palate of provision to meet consumer demands.

There are many different edible products available in the market right now. Even though certain edible cannabis products may resemble common foods, they are not foods and are not meant to be a source of nutrition.

What are the Most Common Types of Edibles?

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Choosing the best edible can be difficult due to the numerous varieties on the market. We will provide you with a list of edibles along with their function to make you better understand which one would be the best.

There is a wide range of consumer-favorite edibles. Our favorites include:

1. Gummies & Chews

These tasty, and chewy gummies are available in various sizes and shapes.

Even though edibles have a candy-like appearance and flavor, it’s vital to remember that dosages may differ for each gummy product. Hence, in order to prevent an undesirable or adverse reaction, you must be cautious when choosing your cannabis intake level.

2. Baked Goods

Among the most common cannabis edible products are baked desserts. You’ve probably heard of pot brownies, an oven-baked good with all the goodness of marijuana. Additionally, the market for baked cannabis goods has rapidly grown recently, with many people desiring a delightful taste with an excellent high. Depending on your state’s laws, you can purchase brownies, waffles, cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies, and more.

3. Chocolates

If you like chocolates, you will love these cannabis-infused mint chocolates, dark chocolates, white chocolate, etc. Candy lovers can now enjoy their favorite sweet while also getting high on cocoa edibles.

4. Drinks & Drink Blends

Marijuana-infused drinks are becoming more and more well-liked among marijuana users. If you want to mix and blend your glasses, there are a plethora of drink mix options available.

5. Mints & Hard Candies

Most marijuana edibles that resemble hard candies are made to be ingested through the cheek walls or under the tongue (sublingually). These cannabis consumables are like regular candies, yet they have THC distillate. Compared to less potent oral sweets, this may have a quicker effect.

How Do You Get High From Cannabis-Infused Edibles?

THC consumed through edibles is processed through the intestinal walls, just like medicine or food. The more time it takes for the THC to be absorbed, the more long-lasting the effects would be. When you inhale THC, it enters your system right away. However, when you ingest it, you will not experience the full results until hours later. This is how edibles significantly differ from joints.

It is important to remember that the exact dosage of cannabis for a joint will have varying effects than for an edible. Therefore, you must be highly cautious while consuming. The phrase “Start low and go slow” has been given precedence. The optimum dosage for each marijuana user ranges according to their metabolism, weight, and tolerance. However, the best dose would be between 2-3 mg initially.

Want to Get Safe yet Effective Edibles?

It might be challenging to consume edibles properly. Since everyone has a different tolerance level, a dose that works for one individual may be excessive for another.

Edibles might not be a good idea if you want to be sure of the dose you want to take. Unlike smoking, it can be difficult to quantify its effectiveness until the body breaks down the consumable.

People frequently find it simpler to overdose on edibles compared to smoking marijuana. Therefore, getting your edibles from a reliable source with accurate dosage levels, concentrations, and THC to CBD ratios is necessary.

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