Craft Cannabis in Boston: Supporting Local Growers and Producers

March 11, 2024

Thanks to growing legalization nationwide, cannabis has become a mainstay hobby in many people’s lives. The Boston craft cannabis scene continues to develop, and new and exciting things are always coming down the pipeline.

As a consumer, you have a role to play in keeping your area’s dispensaries and cannabis professionals in business and helping them be successful.

Here are the top things you can do to support your local growers and producers at a Boston dispensary so that you can continue to enjoy hand-crafted cannabis products made by experts in your area.

Purchase Local

The most important way to show support to the growers and producers in your area is to shop locally. Most producers do not have the capacity to navigate the difficulties of online selling, front the costs, and provide enough stock, so they only sell in their own neighborhoods.

Instead of making your purchases from a nationwide name, visit your local dispensaries and explore what products they’re stocking from growers nearby.

Buying local products can keep your area’s producers in business so that they can invest in new and exciting ideas. This, in turn, leads to more inventive products for you to enjoy.

newly opened Boston dispensary cannabis store

Tell Your Friends

Another important role you, as a consumer, can play in supporting your local growers and producers is to tell your friends about your experiences. Tell people if you’ve found a particular product, strain, or idea you enjoyed! Word of mouth is powerful within hobby communities because enthusiasts tend to trust other people like them over unfamiliar strangers.

Your word-of-mouth praise can alert people to producers they have never encountered and expand the reach of your favorite movers and shakers in the industry.

Leave Honest Reviews

Word of mouth is essential, but don’t forget to leave online reviews, too. If you visit a dispensary that stocks interesting local products or find a particular location that consistently offers high-quality items, let the world know through honest reviews.

Dispensaries can reach more people when new customers get a good idea of what to expect before they arrive. It takes just a few minutes and can help keep your favorite locations in business.

Participate in Events

Craft cannabis dispensaries must do everything they can to draw attention to themselves and let their communities know they exist. As a customer, you can help by participating in or joining events they put on.

For instance, if a dispensary enters a competition for “best local business,” give them a vote. If they’re holding local events, such as workshops to help people take advantage of expungement for their cannabis possession charges or pop-ups with local businesses such as bakeries, stop by and make your presence known.

The numbers for these events help draw attention to local craft growers. If their other events are successful, they can open up further opportunities for dispensaries to partner with other businesses and organizations.

Adapt to Changes

Establishing and growing a dispensary is hard work, and the best locations will consistently be trying to level up their in-store experience, offerings, and features.

With this practice comes some growing pains; as a customer, the best thing you can do for them is be patient and adaptable. Dispensaries might stock products from local growers that only resonate with a small niche as they find the items they like the best; keep visiting while they curate their product line.

Similarly, most dispensaries will only accept cash because the process for charging credit cards is fraught with extra legal and logistical challenges in the marijuana industry.

If your favorite dispensary is upgrading to more payment methods, be patient because bumps in the road are likely inevitable while they get the situation sorted out. Having loyal customers who want to see a dispensary succeed is one of the most valuable assets any dispensary can ask for.

If they can achieve this through your support, your craft cannabis scene is poised to blossom into something amazing with hidden gems from local growers and producers you would otherwise never have encountered.

close up of cannabis shops sign in Boston

Explore Your Local Dispensaries in Boston

If you’re excited to watch the craft cannabis scene develop, explore your Boston area to see what dispensaries are up to.

The team at Pure Oasis is always seeking to engage with our local community and create a personalized craft experience that elevates your next marijuana session.

Stop by Pure Oasis’ dispensaries to explore the partnerships we’ve established with growers and producers in our local areas.

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