10 Things to Know About Pure Oasis’ New Dispensary in Downtown Boston

June 5, 2023

We just opened a second location in downtown Boston at 85 Devonshire St!

This exciting growth opportunity will bring high-quality cannabis products to more people than ever in the Boston area, and Pure Oasis is eager to help our community and expand our reach in the city.

Here are some of the things you should know about our newest dispensary.

1. Minority-Owned Business

Pure Oasis co-owners Kobie Evans and Kevin Hart proudly represent the Black community and strive to impact underserved areas and demographics that have been disproportionately targeted by the war on drugs. The dispensary is happy to serve customers from all walks of life and cultural or ethnic origins, because cannabis should be accessible to everyone.

2. Carries a Variety of Products

Those looking for something specific can likely find it at any of Pure Oasis’ locations, including the new one. Items such as cannabis flower, pre-rolls, edibles, cartridges, concentrates and the accessories needed to safely and effectively use these products are all available. The team can even help customers understand which item is right for them and how to use it.

3. Layout Is User-Friendly

Pure Oasis’ locations are oriented with a coffee shop-style layout that encourages customers to seamlessly view products and learn about them from staff. This prevents long lines and keeps the dispensary space open and easy to use.

4. Staff Are Knowledgeable

Not everyone who comes into a dispensary will know exactly what they want. Whether you are looking to try something new or are a newcomer to the cannabis hobby, the Pure Oasis staff are knowledgeable, friendly and able to educate customers when they have questions.

5. Open Seven Days a Week

Pure Oasis is open Monday-Saturday from 10am to 8pm and Sunday 12pm-6pm. You can find a wide variety of products, but this location will include some of the items that are harder to come by, such as tinctures and concentrates.

6. Engages With Community Activism

Pure Oasis takes its role in its local communities seriously. For this reason, the dispensary creates public events including workshops (called expungement clinics) to teach people how to eliminate past marijuana convictions on their criminal records now that the laws in Massachusetts have changed. The clinics are operated in partnership with the city of Boston and the Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association.

Last year, Pure Oasis also offered a $2500 scholarship to a local youth who plans to attend law school, encouraging the community to expand its knowledge and break generational difficulties that have made attending higher education financially prohibitive.

7. Accessible New Location

Pure Oasis wants to help as many hobbyists as possible. Our new location at 85 Devonshire St. in Boston is right in front of the Forest Hills Orange Line stop for public transit, and this spot offers recreational cannabis so that anyone—regardless of prescription status—can enjoy their favorite products. A rewards program is also available, and this location goes beyond many dispensaries’ cash-only outlook to ensure that customers can use either cash or debit cards.

Downtown Image

8. A Branch of the Award-Winning Chain

Did you know that Pure Oasis was the first recreational marijuana dispensary in Boston? In addition to this spirit of innovation—or perhaps because of it—Pure Oasis was awarded the title of Best Dispensary in Boston in both 2020 and 2021.

The high quality of its products, customer-focused service, accessibility, and dedication to fostering growth and positive change in the local communities all play a part in earning this esteemed title. The new location in Boston will be no exception!

9. Assists With Dosing

Those who are trying new products or entering the world of cannabis for the first time often have questions about how to safely enjoy their purchase. Pure Oasis’ knowledgeable team is happy to help customers understand how to properly dose their cannabis.

When possible, products are labeled with helpful dosing information as well, so that customers have the information necessary to make the right choices for their situation.

10. Expanding to Delivery

Pure Oasis is consistently seeking to innovate, and part of this plan is adding an option for delivery! While this new feature is not yet available, the dispensary is hoping to roll it out as soon as possible so that cannabis is more widely accessible than ever.

Pure Oasis is looking forward to all the new faces we will be able to meet at our grand opening in Boston. Contact us or stop by one of our locations to find the high-quality cannabis products you need or to ask questions.

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