5 Strongest Weed Strains 2023

October 16, 2023

Cannabis comes in hundreds of shapes and sizes, meaning there is a strain for just about anyone. Some people prefer something light and flavorful, while others enjoy something with a kick that provides a full body high or deep relaxation.

For those looking for potentially potent marijuana strains, knowing what options are available can be difficult. Here is an overview of five of the strongest cannabis strains currently making their rounds in 2023 and what you can expect when sampling them.

Remember to start slow—you can always increase dosage incrementally, but you cannot undo what you have already taken! With potent strains, give the cannabis time to act before trying more, especially if you have never tried that strain before.

Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train originated from parents Nevil’s Wreck and Ghost OG, two hybrid but Sativa-forward strains. With a THC content of around 28%, this cannabis variant is extremely potent and can produce significant full-body effects.

Some people report an almost psychedelic experience that can feel intense, especially for those not used to consuming higher-than-average THC content in their marijuana.

For hobbyists more familiar with cannabis strains with a THC content over 20%, Ghost Train Haze can produce a highly energizing effect that coincides with deep relaxation. This may prompt bouts of inspiration and has been a favorite for those suffering from PTSD and chronic pain.

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Wedding Cake

Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie combine to make the hybridized Wedding Cake strain. With its Indica-forward properties, users can expect significant relaxation that may be helpful for those who are struggling with anxiety and depressive episodes.

Despite the Indica-based relaxation effect, Wedding Cake is known for producing creative, productive attitudes and a euphoric, joyful mindset that helps people get things done or pursue hobbies.

Most Wedding Cake cannabis will sit at approximately 25% THC. However, this plant is variable, and some individual growths may climb higher toward 30%. If you are having trouble finding Wedding Cake, look for it under its alternate name: Pink Cookies.

Strawberry Banana

As you might guess from the name, Strawberry Banana is a sweetly fruity variant with a pleasant smell and taste. Also going by the name Stawnana, Strawberry Banana arose from combining the similarly sweet Bubble Gum strain with Banana Kush.

Among the stronger strains, Strawnana is slightly more moderate at just 25% THC—which is still much higher than average, so remember to go slow. Those who properly dose can expect a wash of creativity and inspiration that boosts their mood and gets them up and engaging with their favorite activities.

Despite the Indica dominance of the parent strains, Strawberry Banana does not typically induce the deep relaxation that many other Indica variants do.

Grease Monkey

Among the most potent weed strains circulating in 2023, Grease Monkey arose by combining the already powerful Gorilla Glue (or Original Glue) with the Cookies and Cream variant. At an impressive 31% THC on the higher end, Grease Monkey produces a powerful, full-body experience that is not suited for those unfamiliar with high levels of THC.

As an Indica-dominant strain, Grease Monkey is deeply sedative, and those who partake should plan to remain in a safe space where they can relax and possibly even sleep. Users report feeling heaviness or being glued to the couch because of the substantial full-body effects.

Despite the powerful impact, Grease Monkey is light and pleasant in its aroma, with a sweet smell reminiscent of the outdoors.

99 Problems

Those looking for one of the most concentrated Sativa-forward cannabis strains should look no further than 99 Problems, made from White 99 and Stardawg. Thanks to a mixture of extremely low CBD (less than 1%) and THC of 30%, those who sample this strain should expect an impactful experience that produces sharp focus and euphoria.

For this reason, many people find 99 Problems useful to combat depression and anxious thoughts. 99 Problems can occasionally be difficult to find because its cultivation is challenging. Still, it is worth trying if strong strains are your goal.

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Try Strong Strains at Your Local Dispensary

While high-THC cannabis variants are not ideal for those just getting started with the hobby, they can be an exciting and enriching opportunity for those who are prepared to try them. The team at

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