Best Recipes For Cannabis Tea

September 5, 2022
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According to one report, global tea consumption is expected to reach 7.4B kilograms by 2025. Similarly, more than 147M people consume cannabis worldwide. As the number of tea and cannabis consumers grows, it’s only natural that the two find a way to blend.

Enter: cannabis tea!

Cannabis-infused tea, like edibles, lets you enjoy marijuana without vaping or smoking. Plus it’s easy and fast to prepare at home. Unlike edibles, you won’t have to worry about food allergens, either.

You can make cannabis tea using various ingredients and flowers. The ingredients and flowers you use are up to you, and limited by little more than your own creativity. This article will walk you through the best recipes for creating your own cannabis tea, along with tips to make a perfect cup.

3 Best Recipes For Cannabis Tea

Here are the three best cannabis tea recipes to make you high and lively:

1. Marijuana Tea With Chamomile And Rose

Prepping Time – 5 minutes
Steeping Time – 5 to 15 minutes
Serving – 1
Recommended Dosage – Although it varies based on cannabis potency, we recommend adding two teaspoons. You can add less or more based on your cannabis tolerance.


  • Cannabis-infused honey
  • Two teaspoons of ground marijuana trim, buds or stems
  • Two teaspoons of dried chamomile and rose buds
  • Coconut milk

Recipe Directions:

  • Decarboxylate your natural herb first. It varies based on whether you want THC or THCA benefits
  • Add your dried cannabis flower to the tea infuser
  • Steep it in hot water (approximately 5-15 minutes)
  • Remove the tea infuser. You can add coconut milk or cannabis-infused honey for strong effects

2. Cannabis-Infused Golden Milk

Are you looking for flavorful, potent, aromatic and easy-to-make infused tea? Try cannabis-infused golden milk.

Prepping Time – 5 minutes
Cooking Time – 20 minutes
Serving – 1
Recommended Dosage – It depends on your marijuana coconut oil. Add a tablespoon or as much as you like, based on your personal level of cannabis tolerance.


  • One cup of unsweetened milk
  • One cinnamon stick
  • Half teaspoon turmeric (dried and ground to a powder)
  • One tablespoon of cannabis-infused coconut oil
  • One tablespoon of cannabis-infused honey
  • One tablespoon of ground cinnamon

Recipe Directions:

  • Whisk one cup of water, peppercorns, honey, cinnamon, almond milk, ginger and turmeric in a saucepan and let it boil
  • Reduce the heat to simmer
  • Add cannabis-infused coconut oil
  • Simmer for approximately 10-minute or till the flavors meld together
  • Strain using a fine mesh strainer or sift (you can use a coffee filter or cheesecloth as well) into the mug and add honey, cinnamon or any other ingredient you like

3. Cannabis Stem Tea

If you’ve got stems only, you can easily make cannabis tea by following our “marijuana tea with chamomile and rose.” However, the ingredient ratio will vary due to potency differences.

Prepping Time – 5 minutes
Steeping Time – 10 minutes
Serving – 1
Recommended Dosage – As per your comfort and cannabis tolerance level. Nevertheless, one-fourth cup of marijuana stems.


  • One-fourth cup of marijuana stems
  • One tablespoon of water-soluble binding agents like coconut oil or butter
  • Tea leaves

Recipe Directions:

  • Based on the feeling you want, you can either grind your stems before boiling or decarb them before steeping
  • Boil the water. One cup for concentrated tea; two to three cups for diluted buzz
  • Add water-soluble binding agents (coconut oil or butter) into the water before inserting the stems into the tea infuser
  • Steep the tea infuser in warm water for about ten minutes. To prevent unpleasant stemmy taste, it’s best to steep stems and tea in two different bags or infusers

How To Make Your Cannabis Tea Stronger?

making perfect cannabis tea

Often, the cannabis tea won’t hit high or as you want it, despite your best efforts. Luckily, there are many ways to level-up dosage if the initial tea lacks the required THC content.

Here are some killer tips to make your cannabis tea extra potent and edible:

Add Kief

Also called pollen or dry sift, Kief is the strongest part of the marijuana flower that contains a high level of terpenes and cannabinoids in its sticky, tiny crystals.

Unlike other strains with 12-15% THC, Kief can be about 70% THC based on purity, providing a much stronger marijuana tea to drink and get high. Add it to the flower, compost, or stem material when steeping to get your desired potency.

Include Tinctures

Add tinctures to spice up your cannabis tea and experience. Conventional marijuana tinctures are alcohol-based infusions that you can blend with different beverages such as coffee or tea. Once you pour it into your tea, the alcohol content evaporates, making you high.

Since the market is full of various cannabis tinctures, choosing the perfect one can be challenging. So, choose alcohol- or glycerin-based tincture from a well-known brand instead of an oil-based one.

Add a few drops into your tea based on your potency and stir. However, you can add oil-based tinctures with creamer or milk for more potency and better consistency.

Decarboxylate Your Natural Herb

Although consuming raw cannabis can have several benefits, it won’t make you high if you don’t decarboxylate your natural herb first.

It’s a simple process where you convert the THCA to THC by heating the weed so it generates more potent effects. Make sure to heat your weed at 220-245°F.

marijuana tea with milk

Add Cream Or Milk To Your Marijuana Tea

This tip does more than add flavor and aroma. Adding a good amount of cream or milk to your marijuana tea can improve its potency. According to one study, fat-based formulations can increase cannabinoid absorption by 2.5 to 3 fold.

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