Beginner Cannabis Accessories Guide


April 17, 2023

Cannabis is a fun and growing hobby that has received more widespread acclaim in recent years due to loosening restrictions. If you’re just getting started with marijuana products, you might be excited but also overwhelmed at all the choices.

How do you know where to start and what products and accessories you’ll need? Here’s everything to think about when it comes to picking the right equipment and accessories for your cannabis needs as a beginner based on everything from budget to consumption type.

Storage Options for Multiple Consumption Types

In order to determine what kinds of accessories will be right for your specific cannabis journey, you’ll first need to decide how you would like to enjoy marijuana. Different types will need to be stored in different ways but also should be taken care of carefully—not only to preserve the flavor and quality but also to keep the product out of reach of children or people who do not consent to its use.

If smoking is an appealing option, be prepared to purchase a reliable, airtight container. The flower needs to be kept fresh and at the right humidity in order to maintain its quality. The same is true of concentrates. Make sure that you keep these products out of extreme temperatures—which means away from windows, where the sun could heat them up quickly or cold air from outside could chill them.

If vape pens are on your mind, then consider whether you have a secure place to store them upright. Keeping a vape pen flat horizontally can cause issues with the oil inside, and your pen might become less effective over time.

This isn’t such a big deal if you’re trying disposable pens, but if you’ve invested in a nice, high-quality refillable vape, you’ll want to take care of it as much as possible. Consider getting a vape stand.

Any edible cannabis (such as gummies) should be stored in food-safe, airtight containers to preserve freshness. Like other types of snacks, these items can fall victim to pests, and they can even melt. It is generally recommended that you refrigerate cannabis edibles to extend their life and preserve their quality. Glass jars are helpful.

The Equipment Itself

Of course, once you know how you’d like to try cannabis, that will inform a lot of the equipment that you’ll need to purchase. Smokers enjoy pipes, with glass being widely considered the highest-quality material due to its cleanliness and safety.

Bongs reduce the dramatic smoke effects of a pipe, or if you’d like to smoke directly from a blunt, you’ll need rolling paper and filters. A rolling tray can make this process much easier.

If you want to try vape pens, a good place to start is with disposable options. These allow you to see if vaping is right for you without the commitment of an expensive pen purchase. If you decide you like it, you can upgrade to a refillable model, which will require a separate battery and a cartridge for oil.

ground marijuana buds on a metal grinder

Other Features to Think About

At this point, you should at least have a little bit of an idea of what items you’ll need to start your cannabis journey. However, it pays to think ahead of time about how you’ll be enjoying marijuana. Do you plan to partake with friends or by yourself? This can impact the types of equipment and accessories you use in terms of shareability, visual appeal and more.

For example, if you travel a lot and want to take your items with you, glass can be difficult to keep safe. Silicone bongs or handheld THC cartridge can be a lot more useful for these types of hobbyists. If you’re worried about how the odor might affect people around you—think work, roommates and pets—consider investing in preventive accessories like personal air filters and odor-proof containers for storage.

Cannabis accessories come in a wide range of options, from affordable and standard to beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces. We encourage you to try your hand at multiple forms of cannabis to see what you like best before committing to a unique piece. This way, you can feel confident that the product suits your style.

Get Beginner Help from the Cannabis Pros

You might still have questions—just a few or even a lot. That’s okay! Starting a new hobby is often overwhelming. The experts at Pure Oasis are happy to help beginners figure out what accessories and supplies they’ll need, as well as how to determine proper dosages and even what to try first for the best experience. As a minority-owned dispensary, we strongly believe in the positive impact we can have in our community. Stop by for help on your cannabis accessories or to ask any questions!

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