6 Cannabis Smoking Hacks For Your Next Group Smoke Session

October 31, 2022

black woman smoking weedOne of the many beneifts of marijuana is that it brings people together. A cannabis smoke session can be instrumental in strengthening a social bond. It makes people feel more at ease in social situations and increases the likelihood of initiating positive interactions with each other.

A “sesh” consists of lighting up a joint, glass piece, or vape and passing it around while chatting and exchanging anecdotes.

While smoking pot in a sesh can be fun, there is always a chance of an unexpected occurrence. For example, your pipe could break, you could lose your grinder, you might start to smell like weed, or the way your eyes look may indicate to others that you’re high. Here are a few tips to help you make each sesh a great one.

6 Hacks for Your Next Group Cannabis Smoke Session

Learn about six cannabis tricks that can save and elevate your group’s sesh to a new level.

1. Purchasing Some Pipe Cleaners

man sitting during sunset with weed pipeWe know how unpleasant it can be when your bong or weed pipe gets clogged. Luckily, tools like pipe cleaners exist to help you in such a situation. These brushes make cleanup a breeze and protect your bong in the long term.

However, if you do not have a pipe cleaner at your disposal, bobby pins might do just fine. They are inexpensive, portable solutions to many of your cannabis smoking issues. A bobby pin can be used for various tasks, including clearing a one-hitter, clearing a pipe, and cleaning the bowl.

2. A Coin Stops the Bowls From Burning After a Hit

Keep a penny or other small coin on hand to cover your bowl since it prevents oxygen from causing your weed to burn. If you are low on your stash, it is also a terrific way to extend its shelf life. It will only cost you a few cents!

3. Mango Will Elevate Your High

Mangoes have a pleasant aroma because of the terpene myrcene. They can stimulate terpene production in cannabis strains. When combined with myrcene, THC can cross the blood-brain barrier more quickly than it would without this terpene.

It is also responsible for the “couch lock” effect associated with Indica strains. Mangoes also tend to intensify the effects of cannabis. Therefore, eating them 45 minutes before a smoke session is recommended.

4. Store Marijuana in a Mason Jar

To properly store marijuana, use mason jars. Covering these containers with black fabric or construction paper will enhance their usefulness. As long as the weed is stored in this dark and chilly atmosphere, it extends its life. This way, you can keep it safe until your next smoke session.

5. No Grinder? No Problem!

woman using silver weed grinderMany stoners use a grinder. Either they do not know how to smash the flower into tiny bits by hand, or they simply do not want stinky hands..

But what will you do if you find yourself in a situation where you have forgotten your grinder? Do not worry; you can still get high without risking your hands by utilizing a pair of scissors. Gather your materials on a tray or other suitable container, and use the scissors to cut the cannabis into small pieces for a neat roll.

Moreover, you can fashion a grinder out of a penny or an empty pill container. Rub alcohol to properly clean the coin, then place it in the container. Put the top back on the bottle, and you’ll have a makeshift grinder!

If you give it a good shake, your bud will crush and be ready for your next cannabis smoking session in no time.

6. Hiding the Odor of Marijuana Smoke

man smoking cannabis jointCovering up the odor of marijuana smoke with a roll of toilet paper and some dry sheets is possible. Similarly, cannabis infused with lemon oil is far less pungent. It is a perfect hack for apartments, dorms, and other enclosed spaces where you do not want odors to spread.

Stay Ever Ready for Smoke Sessions!

Whether you are an all-day smoker or light up a joint occasionally, you must have experienced a cannabis smoking struggle at some point. The aforementioned cannabis tricks can save the day, whether for concealing the weed’s odor or preserving your stock.

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