Planning a Cannabis-Friendly Trip to Boston

June 10, 2024

Boston is a cannabis epicenter, home to almost 17,000 marijuana license registrations as well as numerous historical landmarks from the eras of early cannabis activism.

Those considering a trip to Boston have plenty to do if they want to tie their exploits into a good smoke or edible. Planning ahead is the smartest way to ensure you see and do everything on your list in the time you have.

From visiting a Boston dispensary to painting or seeing whales, the possibilities of a cannabis-friendly Boston trip are nearly limitless.

Maybe you already have some ideas about what you want to spend your time doing, or you’re looking for inspiration. Before you finalize your plans, consider some of these top cannabis excursions and experiences in Boston.

Know the Rules Before You Go

Before you finalize your itinerary for your next cannabis-friendly Boston adventure, be sure you know the rules. Boston takes outdoor smoking seriously; in fact, there is a city-wide ban on the practice, not just for marijuana, but for cigarettes too.

Additionally, the law stipulates that while a person can purchase recreational marijuana in public, they cannot consume it anywhere other than private property.

Thus, you’ll need to reconsider your plans if you think of stopping by a dispensary, grabbing a new and exciting strain, and lighting up in the park. The good news is that many businesses are finding creative ways to allow visitors to partake while still abiding by local laws.

Do your due diligence to learn about the rules where you will be visiting, how much weed you can carry on you at any time, and how it should be transported (remember: never across state lines!).

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Food and Drinks

For people looking to expand their culinary senses, food and beverage options are an easy fit with cannabis culture. Consider options such as High Tea if you’re into a weed-centric tea time or an infused soiree at Dinner at Mary’s for a high-quality meal with thoughtful cannabis inclusions.

You can also sample local Boston dispensaries for their edibles and canna-beverages or explore the private venues (such as smoke shops) hosting their own small events when you visit.

Arts and Entertainment

Most people enjoy partaking in cannabis to unleash their creativity, inspiration, and sociability. If this sounds like you, Boston has some great opportunities to get together with others and create.

Consider Puff & Brush, a casual painting and art class that allows participants to smoke while they craft their creations. Alternatively, consider chartering a private ride through Loopr to smoke while you see the sights. Then, stop off at the Boston Opera House or the Showcase SuperLux theater for entertainment while you ride the high.

Tours and Educational Content

Those looking for educational experiences in Boston have plenty of choices, too. Loopr, as mentioned earlier, offers tours of the city, and locations such as the New England Aquarium, Museum of Fine Arts, and Freedom Trail. All are packed with knowledge that can be inspiring and entertaining—especially while baked. Just remember to consume before you go!

Stop by the Summit Lounge if you’re looking for a place to light up before heading out to whale watching or the observatory. This social club allows the consumption of cannabis alongside other amenities, such as mocktails and snacks.

Local Dispensaries

No trip to Boston would be complete without exploring the wide range of dispensaries at your disposal within the city. Pure Oasis is located in the heart of Boston and hosts a wide range of products for people of all experience levels and interests.

Or stop by New Dia, the East Coast’s only cannabis-centric mall. Many people dedicate an entire day simply to jumping from one dispensary to the next to fully experience the range of strains grown locally and products they can’t find anywhere else.

Just remember to be respectful, and if you’re done looking around, step outside to chat about what you found so that others can have their turn!

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Plan Your Next Cannabis Adventure with Pure Oasis

Boston is a flourishing city when it comes to the cannabis scene, with so much to do that visitors could spend multiple days just on marijuana experiences, dispensaries, and tours.

Whether you’re into the history of the area or want to try rich and flavorful experiences with food, Boston has something to offer.

The team at Pure Oasis can help you stock up for your excursions—and maybe even introduce you to some options you’ve never heard of before. Stop by Pure Oasis on your Boston journey to see everything we offer.

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