Exploring Cannabis-Friendly Events and Culture in Boston

March 4, 2024

Boston has developed a lively marijuana scene thanks to both medical and recreational legalization. With this boost in attention has come an outpouring of support for local events featuring cannabis products.

From more formal and even professional conferences to casual dine-ins and craft nights, Boston has become home to dozens of events and culture hubs that represent the growing cannabis hobby.

If you’re interested in trying cannabis for the first time or shaking up your roster of favorites, start your journey by visiting a high-quality local Boston dispensary to explore new options and learn about which exciting events are coming to your area of Boston.

Boston Cannabis Week

One of the premier cannabis events in Massachusetts, Boston Cannabis Week is a venture that seeks to make the marijuana hobby accessible to all.

It’s a friendly approach to everything from cuisine to wellness, and professionals also have a lot to love here. With multiple events over seven consecutive days, participants can enjoy activities ranging from dispensary tours to sports tournaments and fashion events.

This is an ideal location for enthusiasts to meet like-minded friends, and for professionals, access to other industry movers and shakers is unparalleled.

 Boston dispensary filled displays and counters of product

Stoner Trivia Nights

Now that recreational marijuana has been legalized for some time in Boston, its fan base has grown exponentially. More bars than ever are seeking to capitalize on this growth by welcoming their canna-conscious friends and customers for trivia nights.

Stoner Trivia Night, hosted at Bone Up Brewing, is just one of many examples of pub trivia popping up to target canna connoisseurs. While there’s no smoking allowed, all of the topics cover leaf and bud, from movie references to cultivation practices and more.

Canna Dinners

Now more than ever before, chefs are taking inspiration from the marijuana plant to elevate their courses to new highs—no pun intended.

The most famous of these is likely Dinner at Mary’s, a cannabis dinner series right at home in Boston that tailors dosage to each participant so that the experience is right for everyone. You’ll need to create a member profile to be eligible for an invite to this exclusive experience, but it’s worth waiting.

Dinner at Mary’s isn’t the only option for marijuana-infused eating, though. From catered meals by Potlove to cannabis-inclusive dining from Sacrilicious and Dope Dinners Boston, the options are always expanding.

Arts and Crafts

The art scene has been active with wine drinkers for many years, and now these same facilities are expanding their operations to include marijuana hobbyists, too.

Pottery with a Purpose, for example, is now offering its 420 Pottery Party event to encourage creatives to learn the ways of clay sculpting to create their own fully functional pipe.

Puff & Brush at Krystal Gardens welcomes newbies and artistic veterans to paint alongside other cannabis enthusiasts, making the most of those strains that offer inspiration, creativity, and chattiness.

New England Cannabis Convention

The New England Cannabis Convention (NECANN) is set up in Boston to deliver a professional look into the industry.

It offers dozens of panels on topics ranging from legal compliance for dispensaries to networking opportunities and methods of incorporating cannabinoids into infusions; there’s something here for everyone interested in the business side of marijuana.

Dispensaries, producers, growers, chefs, and more have panels targeting their niches.


Pop-ups, such as a two-hour public event, are an increasingly popular way to briefly spread the news about a brand or collaboration.

Cannabis pop-ups are a recurring theme in bustling Boston, such as Pure Oasis’ collaboration with Freshly Baked or the 420 Pop-Up Cal Verde.

Boston is usually home to three or four pop-ups every month, so you could head out for a weekly fix to explore new brands and partnerships if this is your kind of event. Remember—pop-ups usually only last a few hours, so plan ahead to ensure you arrive on time!

opened bag of weed from Boston dispensary

Explore Cannabis-Friendly Events and Culture in Boston

Boston is home to a thriving marijuana scene, and thanks to its wide array of events and opportunities, there’s a little something for anyone to enjoy, whether you’re trying cannabis for the first time or looking to shake up your longstanding practices.

The team at Pure Oasis is always happy to participate in local cannabis culture, including by appearing at pop-up events and hosting other community events, such as expungement workshops.

If you’re looking for a great place to start your cannabis journey or explore new possibilities, stop by Pure Oasis to see what we have and learn more about our upcoming community offerings and activities.

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