How to Roll a Longer Lasting Weed Joint

November 21, 2022

weed jointRolling the perfect weed joint may seem tricky or like it requires a lot of practice, but it’s actually easier than you think, even if you’ve never smoked before.

It is never too late to begin rolling your first cannabis joint the right way if you have yet to learn. The easy tips outlined below will take you from being entirely inexperienced to an expert joint roller.

6 Essential Components to Roll a Joint

Most people think you only need marijuana and paper to roll a joint. However, with the cannabis industry growing and evolving steadily, many new components and devices can help you roll a good and long-lasting joint in no time.

Here’s our list of some of the most common equipment and components you need.

1. Five Grams of Marijuana Bloom

You can use whichever strain you prefer, ranging from one flower to a couple of smaller buds mixed for the entourage effect.

2. Blender

If you’re in a rush, feel free to dice down your weed with a blade or a knife in a shot glass. However, a grinder is a reliable instrument for proper mixing and guarantees an even burn.

3. Rolling Paper

Rolling papers composed of rice and hemp are an excellent choice for a basic, clean-tasting weed joint. Choose between brands like RAW, Elements, or Rizla for the best experience.

4. Filtering Media

You can also use a thin piece of cardboard, index card, or business card to create a filter. For a beginner, creating a filter could be a challenge. Having said that, rolling paper packs generally have a removable portion of denser paper rectangles that can be easily rolled to create a filter, also recognized as a “crutch” or “tip.” Alternatively, you can purchase pre-rolled filter tips to make the process easier.

5. Movable Tray

It will help if you roll on a spotless, smooth surface. Moreover, when you’ve distributed the ground-up particles beyond the paper, a rolling plate, newspaper, or clean tabletop comes in handy.

6. Packing Device

A pen or eyeliner pencil will be helpful when packing your weed tightly into the rolling paper. Move it in a circular motion to create a tight, thin, effective joint.

Top 4 Best Tips to Make the Joint Last Longer

Use Quality Cannabis

marijuana pre-rolls in small bottleThe most crucial factor in wrapping a steady-burning joint is the grade of the marijuana being used. Properly cultivated flowers burn too gradually, and old, dry weed burns much more quickly than thoroughly cured buds.

Utilize a Grinder

Before rolling, the marijuana must be ground; a rough grind and bigger chunks burn extremely quickly and unevenly. Break the weed bud into even bits for a consistent burn. And while there are a few alternatives that don’t include using a grinder, having one is the most effective way to accomplish it.

In comparison to grinding cards or someone’s hands, metal grinders split marijuana into tiny chunks and provide a finer grinding motion. Hand grinding should be avoided where possible. However, if that’s the case, carefully crush the marijuana into the most microscopic fragments.

While a solid grind is crucial, be careful not to overdo it. Weed that’s too finely-ground can make it difficult for air to circulate inside the joint, spoiling the sensation of smoking.

Pick Your Papers Wisely

Creating slow-burning joints requires choosing the right rolling paper based on properties like sizes, flavors, and densities. Relatively thin rolling papers slow down the burning of the joint by enabling extra air to flow through. Moreover, you’ll want to avoid flavored papers since they are dense and burn more quickly.

Roll and Pack Firmly

cannabis pre-roll bundleJoints that are compressed securely burn more slowly than the ones that are loosely rolled. Your joint won’t burn evenly if there isn’t enough air and your weed is leaking out. As soon as the joint has been rolled, compact it tightly by inserting a toothpick or other narrow objects through the top and repeatedly striking the bottom of the joint against a solid surface.

Furthermore, be careful not to wrap too tightly, as this can obstruct airflow and make it difficult to burn the joint. If this happens, use a straw to push the content down from the top to the tip and make a tunnel to make the joint easier to smoke.

Cut the Hassle of Rolling Joints and Get Pre-Rolls Now

Rolling a joint is not easy; a lot goes into the grinding, mixing, and rolling process. Spending time rolling joints or finding corners to roll in the middle of a session can be a buzzkill.
If you prefer getting a good hit without the hassle, consider getting pre-rolled joints. Pure Oasis offers a wide range of pre-rolled, long-lasting weed joints, so you can spend more time smoking and less time rolling.

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