How Much Do You Put In A Weed Pre-Roll

December 11, 2023

Cannabis comes in many forms, and many people find excitement in sampling the variety of consumption methods, from extracts to blunts to edibles and more. However, suppose you’ve ever spent time gathering your materials to make any of these items.

In that case, you already know that it can be a time-consuming process—and that you might not get a product as high-quality as you can buy from a dispensary. That’s where weed pre-rolls come in. Of course, as with any marijuana product, you’ll want to understand exactly what you’re getting and how it’s dosed before you try a pre-roll.

Here’s what you need to know: how much is put into a weed pre-roll, why you may use one, and how they work. Remember to get any of your cannabis items from a reputable dispensary that you trust.

What Are Pre-Rolls?

Pre-rolls are marijuana joints that have been rolled for you. Many people only purchase the cannabis and then roll a blunt themselves, but not everyone has the time, equipment, or skill for this.

Pre-rolls are made at a dispensary or other provider and then sold as-is. This makes them easy to transport and simple to use. However, one of the disadvantages of a pre-roll is that, because you did not make it yourself, you have no control over the amount or quality of the bud used inside.

That’s why you should always research the marijuana quantity in any pre-roll you are considering buying.

rolling a cannabis blunt

How Much Do You Put in a Pre-Roll?

Because pre-rolls are made independently, you have no hand in the dosing (other than choosing how much of the pre-roll you smoke). If you make your blunt, you can carefully curate which strain(s) to use, how much, and what the THC or CBD content is.

Pre-rolls can vary in this regard, but most will contain between 0.3g and 1g of cannabis. You must calculate the THC or CBD content from there based on the strain used to craft the pre-roll.

Some strains contain high levels of THC and will produce a higher dose in a smaller package. Of course, if you roll your joints, you can include as much as you would like; just remember that a poorly rolled joint, including one that is too packed, will not produce high-quality smoke.

Reputable dispensaries will sell pre-rolls that are clearly packaged based on the dose contained in the blunt. For your comfort, be careful about partaking in products that do not include this information.

Why Use Pre-Rolls?

Not knowing how much weed is contained in a pre-roll discourages some people from using them, but from a high-quality dispensary that labels their products thoroughly, this issue is not a problem. Pre-rolls offer numerous advantages if you have not yet given them a try:

  • Consistency – Because a pre-roll is crafted ahead of time using tools specifically created for the task, it is consistent in shape, smoke, and dosage.
  • Quality – Rolling a joint can be difficult because you may be in a rush and because it’s a skill-based task. You will need to practice, and if you don’t want to put in the time, effort, or materials to level up your joint rolling skills, you can enjoy pre-rolls instead for a consistent experience.
  • Variety – Pre-rolls are an affordable option that allows you to sample a wide range of strains in a single serving. You can often buy a single pre-roll in one strain, a single roll of another, and so on, enabling you to try multiple variants without committing to buying ounces you won’t use if you don’t like the cannabis.
  • Cost – Rolling your joint is also an affordable option, but you must factor in other costs. For instance, rolling a joint requires rolling papers (or cones), a filter, a grinder, and so on. Each item costs money and may need to be replaced at some point. Thus, pre-rolls can be a more affordable option for those who do not want to partake often or people not interested in rolling their joints.

Boston dispensary weed pre-roll

Try Perfectly Measured Pre-Rolls at a High-Quality Dispensary

Whether you simply have no interest in rolling your joints or want to sample a wide variety of cannabis strains, pre-rolls are an excellent option for both new hobbyists and those with years of experience. No matter what, be sure to get your pre-rolls at a reputable dispensary such as Pure Oasis to confirm the dosage and contents. Stop by Pure Oasis’ dispensaries to explore your pre-roll options and try something new.

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