5 Tips For Making Weed Edibles

December 5, 2022

cannabis rice krispy edibles next to cannabis flowerWhile you can buy edibles online or from your neighborhood stores, there’s nothing quite like homemade weed edibles. Why not turn your favorite strains into cannabis-infused treats? It’s a perfect alternative for people who want to use cannabis without smoking or vaping.

Cooking with marijuana can be increasingly fun, easy, and affordable if you know how to make cannabis-infused edibles the right way.

Although you can utilize some special tools if you want, you can effortlessly make delicious weed edibles with essential ingredients, required knowledge, and time.

This article will explain the five best tips to make cannabis-infused edibles, from selecting the right marijuana strain to properly storing them for future use.

5 Tips to Make Easy and Delicious Weed Edibles at Home

Check out these expert recommendations for making delicious homemade marijuana edibles all by yourself.

Use Quality Flower (Strain)

Choosing the right marijuana strain for cooking edibles at home depends on your mood and the activity you plan for.

green cannabis gummy bearsCannabis affects people differently. While Indica provides a therapeutic and relaxing experience, Sativa gives energy and happiness. Keep this fact in mind as you gather the ingredients.

Want your edibles to provide an uplifting and energizing experience? We recommend Casey Jones, Lemon Skunk, Sour Diesel, Golden Goat, and White Widow. However, choose a strain like Granddaddy Purple or Bubba Kush if you want something soothing.

Here’s a suggestion: no matter which strain you pick, ensure it’s rich in terpene. It will enrich the oil, providing you with many health benefits.

Be Careful of the THC Content

Although cannabis strains vary in potency (each marijuana strain contains different concentrations of cannabinoids), the average THC concentration advertised and consumed is 10%.
People consuming cannabis first-time should use strains – whether Indica, Sativa or other – with 10-15% THC content. Around 28 grams (an ounce) of dry marijuana will suffice.

Before mixing your cannabis flour with oil, ensure it’s dry. Also, you can level up your THC dosage if you’re consuming edibles for a long time. Again, always choose strains with high terpenes to get a rich, flavorful profile.

Decarboxylate Your Weed

Making edibles isn’t as easy as adding your concentrate or herb into the recipe bowl with other ingredients. You have to activate your cannabis flower by decarbing it. Decarboxylation is a process of heating hemp or cannabis to activate cannabinoids inside the buds, kief, leaves, or trim.

Here’s how to decarb your cannabis correctly:

  • Preheat the oven to 120 degrees Celsius/245 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Break down your cannabis flowers into manageable pieces and spread them evenly on the baking sheet. Avoid overloading cannabis.
  • Bake straight for 35-45 minutes and turn the buds or concentrate every 12 minutes until they’re golden brown.
  • Take out the baking sheet and let your cannabis cool. Afterward, place the marijuana into the food processor and pulse it until the marijuana is in coarse grounds.

Try an Infusion

Depending on the recipe and your taste preferences, you can choose infused oil or cannabutter, as the infusion process remains the same. Let’s say you want to make cannabutter – infusing your active cannabis into the food ready for baking, i.e., butter.

While there’s a wide variety of methods available to achieve this (some may take even seven to eight hours), here’s a simplified version to infuse cannabutter:

  • Boil four cups (quart) of water in a medium-sized saucepan.
  • Once the saucepan boils, add butter sticks to melt.
  • Add your grounded cannabis and lower the heat (temperature) to simmer.
  • Ensure that the marijuana floats 1.5-2-inches above the pan’s bottom.
  • Cook butter on reduced flame for around three/four hours until it thickens.
  • Place your mixture in a bowl with a cheesecloth.
  • Carefully squeeze out the remaining butter.
  • Let the butter cool for 1-2 hours.
  • Put the butter into the fridge. When it takes spread-like consistency and texture, it’s ready.

Store Weed Edibles Properly

When you finish cooking your delicious weed edibles, you must store them properly, so they remain fresh for future use. This also applies when you store cannabis strains or other marijuana infusions.

Believe it or not, marijuana can improve when stored in dark or cold places. So, keep your weed edibles in a dark, cool, and dry space for a better experience.

Resealable bags or airtight containers are perfect for storage in your fridge or pantry. In addition to storing and labeling (to avoid unintentional consumption), keep your cannabis-infused edibles out of children’s and pets’ reach.

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Homemade cannabis-infused edibles are perfect for people who want to avoid vaping or smoking cannabis, level up dietary choices, or enjoy cooking. Follow these five tips to the T to make flavorful, delicious weed edibles.

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