Expert Guide To Buying Weed Pipes

May 23, 2022

green weed pipe with glass weed jarA weed pipe is a small, handy device used to smoke cannabis products. It contains a bowl-shaped component where the user can insert cannabis leaves, light it and smoke it. You can purchase weed pipes in different shapes, sizes and materials depending on the user’s preference.

Many smokers prefer glass pipes. Given that they do conduct heat with the same speed as plastic or ceramic counterparts, many users like using glass weed pipes because they do not overheat in one’s hand.

For users who don’t know or are not comfortable with rolling a weed joint, a weed pipe is a sensible alternative.

Pipes are reusable and therefore a one-time investment. This makes them far more affordable, in the long run, than rolling papers. Pipes are also more efficient than joints, because it burns the cannabis at a slower rate while using up less product.

How To Buy A Weed Pipe You’ll Love

Buying your first weed pipe can be an exciting experience. You want to research and find a pipe that suits your cannabis smoking style, your budget and other personal standards. Read our guide to purchasing weed pipes before you make a commitment.

Quality Check

It’s tempting to buy a lower-quality pipe because of its relative affordability. However, because it will have an adverse impact on your smoking experience, it is not recommended. A quality pipe is designed to make your weed smoking experience better – not cumbersome.

Borosilicate glass pipes are a fantastic option because they are more break-resistant than other types of glass. They are also more heat resistant and won’t break or crack if they come in contact with a direct flame.

Thickness Check

Any cannabis user will tell you that glass pipe’s thickness is vital to a superior pipe-smoking experience. Thick glass pipes are sturdier and create a premium weed smoking experience. A thick, heavy pipe is as aesthetically pleasing as it is durable.

thick weed smoking pipeAdditionally, since glass is non-porous and non-combustible, it means glass weed pipes don’t impact the flavor or scent of the mix in any way. This allows for a more authentic flavor and increased intensity of the high one can experience.

As you examine different pipes for purchase, scrutinize the glass to look for any possible manufacturing defects, cracks or bubbles in the pipe.

Bowl Capacity Check

If you desire longer smoke sessions, choose a pipe with a larger bowl that you won’t have to refill as often. Some glass pipe varieties have better holding capacity than others.

Choose Between Different Shapes and Sizes Of Weed Pipes

Online markets and local stores are flooded with weed pipes in different shapes and sizes. Some users prefer long pipes because they want better hits. Others seek out smaller pipes that feature a particular design. Keep in mind that whatever pipe you end up buying, it should be the right size for your smoking style. Glass weed pipes may feature attractive designs that look appealing but are challenging to clean. Pipes that use larger bowls are easier to clean.

An overview of weed pipe choices:

Hand Pipes

Beginners tend to prefer these small pipes. They are portable and ideal for casual smoking. The pipe’s name reflects its utility: it can fit in the palm of your hand.

Hand pipes are available in glass, plastic and metal, but it’s recommended to stick with glass. To clean a glass hand pipe, use a solution that contains either acetone, salt, alcohol or vinegar.

Check your hand pipe’s holes to make sure they’re the proper size to accommodate both cleaning as well as airflow.

Glass Water Pipes

Glass water pipes are more commonly referred to as Bongs. They are considered an upgrade to hand pipes because of their improved performance.

These pipes use a percolation chamber to convert smoke into water vapor, smoothing out an otherwise intense inhalation experience. Water pipes come in a range of styles and may cost anywhere from a few dollars to several thousand. Like hand pipes, water pipes are available in different materials but we recommend glass for a premium cannabis experience.


multi color one hitter pipeOne-hitters are tiny smoking devices that are perfect for the casual smoker on-the-go. Like every weed pipe, one-hitters are available for purchase in many styles.

Their size is limited to a few centimeters in length. They also look similar to a cigarette, making them a reliable choice for when you want to keep your smoking low-key. One-hitters made from wood are known to add a pleasant flavor and aroma to the smoking experience.

The Canna-Experts At Pure Oasis Can Help You Make The Right Choice

Weed pipes are often less expensive than water pipes or vaporizers; set a budget and conduct research to find your perfect weed pipe. Keep in mind that the pipe’s materials and size, not colors, are what influence the quality of your smoke.

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