How Long Do Pre Rolled Joints Last?

November 2, 2020

We live in an era of immediate gratification, and you really can’t beat the convenience of a pre-roll. Your cannabis is ready to smoke whenever you’re ready for it, no on the spot rolling or packing required. You can either pre-roll your own weed or buy it pre-rolled from a supplier. Knowing how long pre rolled joints last and the proper way to store can help your joints last longer.

Sometimes things happen, you stash your pre-roll somewhere for safekeeping, and then you forget about it. You never want to waste your joints; read on to learn how to prevent joints from going stale.

What Happens If A Pre-Rolled Joint Goes Stale

You don’t need to throw that old joint away. As long as it isn’t moldy or broken, it’s still likely fine to smoke. It won’t hit as nicely as something fresh, but may still perform. You’ll most likely find that it burns faster, has lost some potency and may be a little harsher.

Tips On Keeping A Pre-Rolled Fresh

Even though you can technically still smoke that stale joint, a better strategy would usually be to just keep it fresh. The key to maintaining that freshness is proper storage. There are a few simple ways to do that: keep them in an airtight container, keep them from getting damaged and avoid over-exposure to light and moisture.

Storing Them In An Airtight Container

The number one requirement for storage is that your container be airtight, but when it comes to containers for your pre-rolls, not all are created equal. A sealed plastic bag is technically airtight, but it doesn’t provide much protection. If you put that baggy in your pocket and expect that everything will be in one piece when you’re trying to smoke later, you’re gonna be sad and sober.

There are also doob tubes. They are portable, reusable and fit into your pocket or purse. Doob tubes have been used for a while to preserve both partially smoked joints and pre-rolls.

Cigar tubes are a great option since they’re already designed to be airtight to preserve the cigar that originally lived there. They have the same durability and portability as a doob tube, so if you have one on hand I wouldn’t hesitate to use it.

Glass jars, such as mason jars, are another option, and large enough to store multiple pre-rolled joints. Mason jars come with sealing lids, and some other glass jars come with latching lids that will seal air out.

At the end of the day, you’re most likely going to use what’s on hand. If that’s a Ziploc, just try not to travel with it, or just re-home it before you go.

Protect Them From Physical Damage

If you plan on traveling, make sure you use a container that will keep your joint or joints from harm, and as mentioned above, watch out for Ziplocs. A large glass jar or Ziploc bag are more likely to allow damage to occur. Unless the glass jar is packed, your joint or joints are going to move and shift. So the glass jar could cause some damage due to excess space if the entire container isn’t full. The bag is flimsy by nature and unable to provide adequate protection. Shoving it in your pocket or a bag of any kind would inevitably lead to damage.

Keep Away From Light And Moisture

Even if you’ve never grown your own cannabis, most people know that it’s pretty sensitive to the environment. Even when it’s rolled you want to protect it from its environment as much as possible. Too much light can cause it to degrade. If it’s too warm and/or humid, you run the risk of mold growing, not to mention negative effects to the flavor. Ideally your cannabis should live in an environment with 59%-63% humidity.

You’re probably wondering – but how can I control the relative humidity? The good news is that humidity packs are readily available to control that situation for you. You can purchase them in varying sizes depending on the amount you’re preserving and the size of your storage container. Humidity packs are designed to either release moisture into the air or draw moisture out. In order for a humidity pack to work, you have to use it in an airtight container. The pack will last anywhere from 2 months to a year. You’ll want to check it regularly. If it becomes dry or crispy it will need to be replaced.

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