Everything You Need to Know About Live Resin and Live Rosin

May 9, 2022

live resin in glass jar18 states , including the District of Columbia, permit recreational marijuana use for Americans over the age of 21. Other states have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes only.

The cannabis market is expected to be worth $35 billion by the end of 2022 – a 22% increase over 2021 sales. This growth is further propelled by an anticipated $72 billion in sales by 2030.

Although many cannabis users prefer to smoke it, others choose to dab, vape, or consume edibles for an elevated experience. No matter your cannabis consumption style, it’s not pleasurable until you find the cannabis concentrate that’s right for you. Two of the most popular cannabis concentrates are live rosin and live resin.

Each has different properties and offers unique experiences, despite growing from the same plant. Let’s learn more about what they are and how they compare.

What Is Live Rosin?

Live rosin is a wax-like concentrate created from cured cannabis flowers. It is a potent, amber-colored substance distinct from other cannabis concentrates like shatter and budder. Because live rosin is a concentrated form of weed, its manufacturing process is extensive but free of solvents.

This is because the production process produces smaller yields than those created from solvent-based methods. Due to its small production scale, live rosin is one of the cannabis market’s rarer and more expensive products.

Live rosin has a higher terpene count due to its comparative absence of chemical solvents. High terpene levels make live rosin more potent than other marijuana products, and provide a richer cannabis experience.

Live Rosin Manufacturing Process

Live rosin is rare and expensive due to its extensive manufacturing process. The first step in the process is the removal of cannabis plant leaves that are not visibly trichome-rich. The plant buds are then vacuum-sealed into plastic sleeves and stored in the freezer.

two live resin manufacturersInstead of drying and curing the cannabis flowers after the harvest, live rosin freezes the cannabis flowers while they are still fresh in order to better preserve their natural oils and moisture.

The third step of the manufacturing process is bubble hash production, where the frozen cannabis buds are processed to create a fresh-frozen concentrate. Finally, this concentrate is pressed and processed under high temperatures to form live rosin extract.

How To Use Live Rosin?

Most people smoke live rosin because they consider it to be less toxic. Its solvent-free properties make it less harmful to the lungs when compared to other hash and cannabis waxes.

While smoking live rosin, you only inhale pure plant extract solvents. Some prefer to use live rosin by vaporizing it with a high-quality dab rig.

A dab rig can be preferable to smoking for several reasons. Using a dab rig saves you from inhaling carcinogens produced by smoking. Furthermore, vapor can be less irritating to the nose and lungs, making for smoother, cleaner inhalation.

Other ways of using live rosin are:

  • Twaxing, the process of mixing rosin with dried cannabis bud before smoking it through a bong or a pipeTurning rosin into a culinary butter that can then be used to cook or bake edibles

What Is Live Resin?

Live resin is a sticky and potent cannabis concentrate. It is popular for its high terpenoid profile that is not achievable through other cannabis extraction processes. Live resin preserves all of its trichomes and cannabinoids, making for a potent and flavor-rich cannabis product.

Compared to other cannabis products, live resin is made from fresh plant material that has not been dried or cured. It is directly processed from the plant, so that the end product retains its oils and flavors. However, live resin’s end product consistency is lower than that of other weed concentrates.

Making Live Resin – The Process

Freshly harvested cannabis flowers are frozen over dry ice or dipped in liquid nitrogen.

live resin holding in spoonThe plant remains frozen until it is ready for extraction, which begins only after a 36 hour thaw. Afterward, the plant passes through a vaporizing solvent to form the final product. The product is finalized when it has been purged of solvents at a low temperature.

How To Use Live Resin?

The standard way to consume live resin is to use a dab rig. You can also wrap the live resin around a joint or blunt. This improves the joint’s flavor and efficacy. Live resin can also be vaped. There are different ways to create a live resin vape, such as:

  • Vaping through the dab rig
  • Live resin vape pen
  • Vaping through a nectar collector

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Cannabis popularity has accelerated in recent years. More states have come to legalize it for recreational and medical use. If you want an intense high, the live resin and live rosin forms of cannabis are a worthy option. When buying cannabis products, always choose these options to elevate your experience.

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