Elevated Entertainment: Boston Dispensary Date Night Ideas

January 22, 2024

Going on a date is an exciting time, and you might even be nervous or a little shy as you grab your keys and head out the door. Before you commit to your friendly hang-out session, consider how you can elevate the experience with the inclusion of cannabis.

cannabis – themed date night in Boston is likelier than you think—and much more fun than a standard date! From outdoor activities to cultural events, couples looking to enhance their experiences can do so by visiting a dispensary.

Here are five Boston dispensary date night ideas that wrap cannabis seamlessly into some already fun ventures for a little extra flair.

Film and a Snack

Going to see a movie—it’s perhaps the most iconic date night ever. But have you ever thought about what adding a little cannabis could do to your movie night?

Depending on the strain you choose, you might find deep relaxation in front of the big screen or euphoric excitement at the glimmering lights and colors before your eyes. Level up this experience further by visiting one of the drive-in theaters near Boston, such as the Mendon Twin.

This way, you’ll enjoy the movie in your own space without worrying about bothering the people around you. Get giggly or reflective—whatever sounds like fun! Of course, don’t forget the theater snacks because you’ll surely have the munchies.

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Outdoor Entertainment

An outdoor movie isn’t the only way to get out of the house. Try visiting a zoo or attending a local music concert. Edibles are a great choice here, as you can consume them before you go and benefit from their longer, more stable effects.

Pair an edible with a thoughtfully home-cooked meal before you go to expand the experience further and spend quality time with the person you’re going on a date with.

Hiking in Nature

While it’s not permitted to consume marijuana products in public in Boston, you can still light up before you go—and heading into nature can be extremely rewarding after some cannabis sampling.

If the strain you choose gives you energy and inspiration, you’ll find yourself with some pep in your step during nature trail excursions. And if you’re more keen on the relaxing or contemplative properties of certain strains, try choosing a hiking trail with plenty of places to stop and reflect on the serene natural beauty around you.

You might even be able to bring a picnic! Just remember to choose a hike that suits your ability—if you think you might be unsteady on your feet, stick to something simple, such as a paved nature path.

Dispensary Visits

Dates come in all shapes and sizes, and many can be upgraded with a little cannabis. But what about making marijuana the center of the experience? Visiting a dispensary together can be a great way to get to know the person you’re dating, including their preferences and how they prefer to spend their time.

They might even be able to provide recommendations for strains or products you wouldn’t have thought to try on your own. Grab a few new items or some old favorites to share, and explore new dispensaries in parts of town you haven’t visited before.

Art and Engagement

One thing that many people enjoy about cannabis is how it can inspire them and give them new takes on old ideas. Consider consuming some of your favorite strain before heading out for an art date!

Muse Paintbar and The Boston Artistry are just a few places to stop by to paint, enjoy drinks, and spend time with friends.

From customizing sneakers and jackets to trying your hand at acrylic on canvas, you might find that a bit of marijuana before you go helps to spark your creativity and appreciation for the beauty that can be found in art. As a bonus, you can take home a memento of your time in the form of whatever you create!

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Stock Up Before Your Date Night

Whether you’re planning out the perfect first date or simply want to spend quality time with good friends, incorporating cannabis can level up your experience and add new, fun dimensions to your excursions.

The team at Pure Oasis can help you explore new strains to pair with your experiences and ensure you dose and consume properly and safely. Stop by Pure Oasis’ dispensaries before—or as part of!—your next date night.

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