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Can I Buy Weed In Boston If I Am From Out Of State?

January 17, 2022

Purchasing weed in every state has its own unique rules and stipulations. If you have been wondering whether or not you can head into Boston...

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Questions To Ask At A Dispensary

January 10, 2022

One of the best parts of finding a great dispensary is having great conversations with budtenders who are knowledgeable and can answer all of your...

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5 Things To Know About Buying Weed From A Dispensary

January 3, 2022

If you have ever been to a dispensary, you understand that there are some unwritten rules that everyone seems to just naturally adhere to. Your...

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weed leaves turning into cbd

What To Know Before Trying CBD

December 27, 2021

Ever since its dramatic introduction back in 2018, CBD has become one of the most popular new treatments for an assortment of different ailments people...

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cbd vs thc being dripped in a jar


December 20, 2021

Cannabadiol (better known as CBD) and Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two of the main cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. These two chemicals play a big role...

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cannabis brownies and cannabis leaves put on black plate

5 Common Mistakes When Making Cannabis Edibles & How To Avoid Them

December 13, 2021

Cooking edibles is a fun yet treacherous endeavor. No one wants to go through the whole process of making cannabis edibles just to end up...

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5 Different Types Of Weed Highs & The Best Strains To Achieve Them

December 6, 2021

Have you ever tried to explain a certain high or experience with weed to a friend but struggled to find the words? Well, you’re not...

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unhappy woman with insomnia lying on bed next to alarm clock at night

Cannabis Strains to Help you Get the Best Night’s Sleep

November 22, 2021

Getting a good night’s sleep is something that is very difficult for many Americans. Insomnia is a very common sleeping disorder that affects over 40%...

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Best Cannabis Strains For Beginners

November 15, 2021

The first experience you have with cannabis is a defining experience. For many, an unpleasant first encounter with cannabis can lead to a life-long hesitancy...

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Cannabis Strains That Give You The Most Energy

November 8, 2021

While cannabis is widely known to cause relaxing and numbing effects, there is actually a great variety of strains that can help to put some...

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