5 Common Mistakes When Making Cannabis Edibles & How To Avoid Them


December 13, 2021

Cooking edibles is a fun yet treacherous endeavor. No one wants to go through the whole process of making cannabis edibles just to end up with edibles that don’t pack enough of a punch or end up being incredibly too strong. Thankfully, there have been many before you who have already made these common mistakes so you don’t have to! There are a lot of common mistakes that happen (for obvious reasons), but in this list, we are going to go over the top 5 mistakes we typically come across when preparing edibles.

What Are Edibles?

Edibles are a form of marijuana consumption that involves using marijuana as an ingredient in a recipe. The most common form that edibles come in are brownies, candy, cookies, gummy bears, soft drinks, and more — the only limit is your imagination!

One of the most important things to note about cannabis edibles is that when THC is consumed orally, it actually is converted to a much stronger and more potent psychoactive compound called 11-hydroxy metabolite. This compound is almost 5 times stronger than THC alone. This makes it important to get your dosing right when baking in order to avoid a terrible, overwhelming trip.

Mistake #1 – Cooking Too Hot

THC needs to be cooked with care! If temperatures get too hot, then the THC will be broken down, and you will be left with nothing but burnt brownies. Try not to use infused marijuana oils for sautéing or frying. If you are baking, make sure that the cannabis concentrate is actually in the batter. Once this is done, cook it inside the oven at 375ºF or lower.

Mistake #2 – Adding Too Much

As we mentioned earlier (and we can’t overstate this enough) 11-hydroxy metabolite is a very, very potent chemical. When you are preparing your dish, try to stick to a consistent dosage by ensuring you spread and mix the batter very well. The more evenly spread, the more you can expect a consistent high from each piece.

Additionally, the tools you work with at home can derail even your best attempts at accuracy. For example, if your baking tray is warped, uneven, and dented, the THC will pool and cause some servings to be very potent while others are weak. Calculating doses for homemade edibles requires keen attention to detail.

Mistake #3 – Under Stirring

When preparing the batter for your edibles, stir, stir, and stir some more! This builds off our last point of ensuring an even spread of the THC throughout the recipe. If you skip the stirring or under stir, then your batter will not bake properly and the final product will be lumpy and have an uneven spread of the magic ingredient.

Mistake #4 – Test Out The THC Dosing

Whether you use a homemade cannabutter or an oil-based THC baking ingredient, we always recommend testing out the dosage on yourself. Sample a teaspoon or slightly more of the THC and wait a couple of hours to see how it hits you. From there, calculate the dosage based on how many servings of that amount of THC you want to include in the recipe. This is a tried-and-true method to safeguard against overly potent edibles.

Mistake #5 – Giving Up

As with most things in life, getting the process right takes practice. If your first batch doesn’t come out as you expected, try again! We guarantee that each time you go through the whole preparation and baking process, it will get a little easier. The best edible bakers all have cultivated their own unique methods that work for them, and over time, you can find the tricks that work best for you so you can make the edibles you love!

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Edibles are a discrete, fun, and powerful way to enjoy the magic of THC. While dispensaries offer plenty of pre-made products, there is something really special about preparing a really well-made homemade batch of edibles. Heed these mistakes and take them into consideration before you start your next bake. Good luck!

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