Can I Buy Weed In Boston If I Am From Out Of State?

January 17, 2022

Purchasing weed in every state has its own unique rules and stipulations. If you have been wondering whether or not you can head into Boston from a different state to buy weed, you may be surprised to find out the answer!

Cannabis Tourism In Boston

man holding cannabis in jar for buy weed in bostonFor those looking to take a trip to Boston and have figured out that there are dispensaries in town, you may be interested in stopping by for a little treat. According to state laws and official recommendations, it IS legal to travel to Boston to purchase cannabis on your next trip.

However, it is NOT legal to take said cannabis goods back across any state lines when heading back home. If you are caught with cannabis crossing state lines, it could mean heavy fines and unwanted legal troubles. For those who may be visiting Boston with this goal in mind, it is important to consider the basics of cannabis laws in Boston so that you understand your rights after visiting a local dispensary.

Basics Of Cannabis Laws In Boston

ID Requirements

First of all, remember that you have to be 21 to purchase and consume cannabis legally. This is a basic requirement in Boston. If you have an ID and you are over 21, you will be allowed into any dispensary. Most dispensaries are very strict about this rule, so have your ID ready when you show up, and be ready to show it multiple times.

Buying In Bulk

If you plan on buying in bulk on your trip into Boston, understand that there are buying limits for weed in Massachusetts. The current possession limit is one ounce, and you cannot buy more than five grams of marijuana in the form of marijuana concentrate. That can get confusing when you are purchasing different kinds of products in a dispensary. Your budtender and other dispensary staff will be able to help guide you when making purchases to ensure you stay under the legal limit.

Keep in mind that they also are prohibited from selling you more than that amount per transaction, so don’t try to convince or coerce them into selling you more. These rules apply to citizens of any state. As a quick side note, it is not legal to mail your cannabis back home after you have purchased it across state lines. This is illegal and can net you drug trafficking violations if you are caught!

Smoking Cannabis In Public Is Not Allowed

Another important rule to keep in mind is that consuming cannabis in public places is not allowed in Massachusetts. While it is legal to possess cannabis products in public, any consumption of marijuana in public is in violation of the law. As a non-local, this is important to keep in mind, because getting caught breaking this law can land you in some deep water.

girls smoking during party with buy weed in bostonAdditionally, when carrying your products, try to keep them concealed as best you can, with the goal of keeping them out of sight from families and children in the city. When purchasing products, they will be given to you in a sealed bag or case. This is perfect to store your products within your luggage, car, or other personal property when you are in public.

Driving Under The Influence

Just as with alcohol, driving under the influence of cannabis in Boston is prohibited. If you are consuming cannabis products while visiting Massachusetts, make sure there is a sober driver, and never get behind the wheel after you have consumed any amount of cannabis. If you need to get from place to place after consuming cannabis, consider rideshare options such as a cab, Uber, or Lyft. Keep in mind that the effects of edible varieties of marijuana can take up to two hours to kick in. If it is your first time, this is NOT where you want to be when you start to feel it.

Buy Weed In Boston From Pure Oasis

Overall, if you are visiting Boston on a trip, you are more than welcome to enjoy some cannabis and a fun trip to the dispensary while you are in town — just keep these rules in mind, and stay safe!

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