Cannabis Etiquette For First-Time Shoppers In Boston

January 1, 2024

Ready for your first excursion to a Boston dispensary? If this is new territory for you, don’t worry—going to a cannabis dispensary doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience. It’s okay if you don’t know what you’re looking for ahead of time, but before you go, be sure to brush up on the do’s and don’ts of visiting a shop specializing in cannabis.

This way, you can be respectful and find products that are right for you with minimal hassle. Of course, choosing a dispensary that interests you and finding out whether they accept cards, cash, or something else are all part of the preparation.

But once you’re ready to go, keep the following cannabis etiquette for first-time shoppers in mind so that everyone has a good time.

Don’t Take Pictures

Especially when visiting a dispensary for the first time, it can be tempting to take photos of the products on display. Maybe you want to remember an item for later, or perhaps you want to send a picture to a friend to ask if they’ve tried that product.

No matter the reason, it is best to consume and enjoy cannabis products with discretion—so don’t take pictures of what a dispensary is stocking or the people who are visiting that location. If you want to write down an item for later consideration, you can always email yourself the name of the product or its SKU, which the budtender can reference next time you visit!

recreational cannabis flower from Boston dispensary

Do Explore Public Areas

Most dispensaries include a large public area displaying its products and accessories. Feel free to explore these customer areas, but be aware of signage indicating which parts of the store are off-limits.

Some areas may be reserved for employees only, and certain products may need staff assistance if you want to purchase them. Stick to the areas designated for customers, and if the dispensary includes an area off to the side or a private room to speak to a budtender about your goals, don’t be afraid to use them!

Don’t Plan to Buy More Than You Need

It can be easy to overestimate the amount of cannabis you’ll need, especially if it’s your first time in a dispensary. Remember that, first of all, you can always come back! Pace yourself so you don’t end up with products you do not like.

Second of all, Massachusetts law limits both how much a dispensary can sell to a customer and how much cannabis a person can possess at one time. This amount differs depending on whether you’re buying recreational or medical products.

Do Leave a Tip

Budtenders exist to help customers find the products that suit them. If they’ve helped you during your visit, it’s not out of place to leave them a small tip. They are service workers, and the best dispensaries will utilize budtenders who go above and beyond to ensure you’re happy and informed. Tips are not mandatory, but they are always appreciated.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Going to a dispensary for the first time probably feels overwhelming because you’re unsure what you’re looking for or how to buy it. That’s what budtenders are for!

These experts are ready to answer your questions, and you’re not inconveniencing them by pulling them aside to ask for help. Answering questions is many budtenders’ favorite part of the job!

They can recommend products, educate you on using accessories and equipment, or help you understand dosage and safety. Some dispensaries will include private rooms where you can consult with a budtender without sharing your thoughts with strangers.

Do Consume Your Products at Home

Once you’ve selected a product (or maybe more than one!), you’ll probably be eager to try it out. However, remember to wait until you get home to consume the products you bought or try out your new accessories.

Massachusetts law includes a penalty for consuming cannabis in public or carrying an open container of marijuana in your vehicle, and you can be fined, regardless of whether you are using recreational or medical products. If you want to enjoy cannabis outside of your residence, look for a marijuana lounge, not your dispensary.

Boston dispensary cannabis plants being tested in lab

Check Out Minority-Owned Dispensaries in Boston

Going to a Boston dispensary for the first time can be intimidating, but with the proper etiquette in mind, it can quickly become a fun experience.

The friendly team at Pure Oasis is always happy to answer questions from newcomers and recommend products that will fit your goals. Stop by Pure Oasis’ dispensaries to explore what we offer or ask questions, whether it’s your first time or your five hundredth!

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