5 Best Cannabis Accessories

October 9, 2023

Enjoying cannabis can be a simple endeavor, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be! Those looking to upgrade their experience can delve into cannabis accessories to expand their horizons and find new and exciting ways to partake in the hobby.

The good news is that these amenities are optional—for those just starting out or on a tight budget, these accessories are not mandatory to start enjoying marijuana. If you’re new to cannabis, explore what you enjoy before deciding on the right accessories for you.

Once you know your tastes, here are five of the best cannabis accessories to level up your enjoyment and provide greater versatility when you choose to partake.

Portable Infusers

The purpose of a cannabis infuser is to take the flavor and compounds within the marijuana plant and impart those elements into something else. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make edibles, and those who choose to invest in a portable infuser accessory can turn just about anything into a cannabis edible.

This expands the creative horizons of many hobbyists, encouraging them to experiment with new and exciting flavor profiles and textures. To some extent, infusers will always be a little cumbersome—they need to be big enough to do their job and typically require electricity from a wall outlet.

However, portable options are as small as possible so enjoyers can bring the product and infuse on the go. The Levo C is just one of the many high-quality infusers available for those who want to try it.

cannabis glass pipe on reflective mirror surface

Portable Adjustable Pipes

When consuming cannabis in public, the most common option is smoking a blunt. However, this can produce an inconsistent experience, especially if the blunt has been hand-rolled. Instead, portable adjustable pipes offer a discreet option for smoking marijuana without bothering other people.

For instance, the Honest Path Pipe allows users to store their cannabis inside the bowl inside for easy transport. When the device is closed, it reduces the odors associated with consuming marijuana. Many portable pipes such as this one come with an adjustable airflow control valve to adjust how much smoke is included in each hit. Simply place a finger over the valve to adjust.

Smoke Filters

As mentioned previously, one of the primary challenges with consuming cannabis in public is how other people will notice the smell. A smoke filter eliminates this issue by providing a filtration system that absorbs the odor. After taking a hit, blow the smoke into the portable smoke filter instead of releasing it into the air.

The filter will capture it so that you do not bother the people around you, allowing you to enjoy marijuana throughout your day discreetly. The Philter Labs Phrend is a trendy and sleek option. Just be sure to clean your smoke filters regularly to avoid bacterial growth from your breath. Their effectiveness may decrease when they are not properly maintained.

Rolling Trays

Enjoying machine-rolled blunts can provide a convenient experience. Still, some hobbyists want to be in greater control of their hits. In this case, they can choose to roll their own blunts or cones, and they’ll enjoy the convenience of a rolling tray to facilitate this process.

A tray helps to avoid accidental waste and typically comes with a funneled edge to assist with packing. The Santa Cruz Shredder is a convenient entry point into this method of enjoying cannabis.

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Hemp Wicks

When smoking cannabis for the first time, many notice that lighting a bowl with a lighter produces butane, which can be unpleasant to inhale. Cannabis that is lit with a lighter also burns hot and releases many more terpenes, which may not be the ideal experience for everyone.

Those frustrated with this problem can instead employ hemp wicks, which serve as a conduit to create a more controlled burn. This eliminates the problem of breathing in the lighter butane and creates a more flavorful, cleaner hit. Twisted Bee makes a 100% organic hemp wick to serve this purpose.

Explore Cannabis Accessories at Your Local Dispensary

Cannabis comes in many shapes and sizes, which means that the methods of enjoying it are just as varied. If you want to level up how you enjoy marijuana, consider adding some accessories to your repertoire.

The team at Pure Oasis is eager to help newcomers and veteran hobbyists explore the wide range of accessories on offer. Stop by Pure Oasis’ dispensaries to see what we have in stock and ask any questions you have about accessory use, care, and more.

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