Strain of the Month: Gorilla Glue

January 16, 2023

Cannabis continues to balloon in popularity, in no small part thanks to the wide array of enjoyable effects that it can foster. People turn to specific strains for everything from pain relief to help with sleeping and controlling their anxiety.

However, with hundreds (or even thousands, depending on how you measure) of strains available to choose from, figuring out exactly what kind of marijuana would best fit your needs can be challenging.

Enter Gorilla Glue. This popular strain has been enjoying a resurgence, and for good reason. If you’ve never tried Gorilla Glue yourself, here’s what you need to know about where it comes from and what kind of experience you can enjoy with it.

The History of Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue surged into the spotlight in 2014, when it received awards in both Michigan and Los Angeles. Also called GG4, Original Glue or just Glue, this strain also took first place in the High Times Jamaican World Cup.

While it existed in some capacity prior to this point, it was these accolades that brought it into public awareness and rocketed it into popularity, where it now remains one of the most consumed hybrids.

Gorilla Glue Composition and Breeding

Gorilla Glue weed strain

As mentioned previously, Gorilla Glue is a hybrid—which means that it is made from cannabis from both the indica and sativa families. The buds are thick and almost waxy, which are a result of the composition of its multiple parent plants.

Chem Sis, its sativa parent, is coupled with another sativa strain in Chocolate Diesel and then mixed with the hybrid Sour Dubble to create the unique effects of GG4.

The main terpene in Gorilla Glue is caryophyllene, which gives GG4 its spicy, almost pepper-like quality. This terpene has been associated with a reduction in inflammation, and it works alongside both myrcene and limonene for a multi-faceted effect.

What You Can Expect

Despite its highly sativa-dominant origins, Gorilla Glue often brings about a highly sedative effect. Its name arises from the sensation that you’ll feel “glued” to the couch in a state of heavy relaxation. Users report that GG4 engenders positive feelings, euphoria and restfulness.

Those who are looking into Gorilla Glue for its medical properties benefit from the terpenes it contains.

It’s very caryophyllene forward for inflammation reduction, but myrcene contributes those feelings of relaxation while limonene is responsible for the more euphoric sensations. Together, these terpenes encourage pain reduction, decreased stress, better sleep and improved anxiety.

GG4 is high in THC (at about 27%), which means that it tends to hit hard even for those who regularly enjoy marijuana. It’s best to start light with this strain to determine how it affects you; too much can result in dizziness, headaches, dry mouth and a bit of paranoia. It’s best consumed in the evening, when you can take full advantage of the deep body sensations that encourage sleep and restfulness.

Gorilla Glue does not contain CBD, and it’s got a characteristic aroma that is pungent and earthy. It sometimes contains hints of pine, but most often, you’ll find the sour smell reminiscent of its parent varieties.

Some users report that the sedative effects of Gorilla Glue can take a little while to kick in. During this intervening time, you can enjoy some clarity coupled with euphoria that makes you feel productive and inspired. Just be prepared for a heavy relaxation later, and don’t commit to tasks that you wouldn’t want to (or feel safe to) fall asleep during.

Enjoy Cannabis Products from a Reputable Minority-Owned Dispensary

flowering cannabis buds before harvests

The huge variety of marijuana strains to pick from can be overwhelming, even for those who have enjoyed cannabis products for years. At Pure Oasis, we love to help both new and long-time fans of the marijuana hobby to identify the strains that fit their goals or try something new and exciting.

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We’ll make your cannabis experience a positive one so that you can enjoy the strains that best suit you. Reach out to ask any questions that you may have or to get started with picking your next cannabis variety!

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