What Is Kief And What Do You Do With It?

February 28, 2022

man holding kief in spoon wondering, what is kiefWondering, what is kief? If you have ever handled cannabis plants, it is likely that you have noticed the thick coating of trichomes and crystals that cover the plant itself. These trichomes can leave behind dust that, if collected in enough volume, add up to a very potent “powder”. Have you ever noticed the residue on your hands after handling weed? That’s kief!

What Is Kief?

The cannabis plant is covered in trichomes, the crystal-powder-like substance that coats the buds. These contain THC, CBD, terpenes, and other compounds and are what make up kief. When these trichomes dry and break off of the plant, they become kief. Kief is a very potent and beloved part of the cannabis plant and, if used properly, can help to elevate your smoking experience to a new level.

Kief most often will appear slightly darker in color than the buds and trichomes themselves when collected and will appear to be a forest green color. It is not quite as sticky as the buds or trichomes either.

How To Collect Kief

If you want to really use it to its full potential, you will need a grinder with a kief catcher attached to it. These grinders feature an extra compartment beneath the grinder itself that is covered by a mesh net where the kief can fall into. Over time, the kief collector will be filled with copious amounts of it ready to be used in whatever way you want!

It will take time to collect kief, most often weeks or months. After this long, though, you will be left with a really good stache of it — but try to make the most out of it, and don’t use it all up too fast!

To retrieve it, just unscrew the kief catcher and scoop out the kief. Some grinders even come with a specific scoop for this purpose. You can also collect kief by rubbing cannabis plant material onto a silk screen. This is a perfect method for collecting large quantities of kief that you can store for long-term usage.

How To Use Kief

Kief can be used in a variety of ways, and smokers have been creatively putting it to use for years. You may have noticed blunts or pre-rolls at your local dispensary that say they are “kief-infused” or contain kief. Some of the best ways to use kief on your own include:

Top Your Bowls With Kief

One of the easiest and most popular ways to use kief is to put a little dash of kief on top of the bowl you are smoking from. This can be from a hand pipe or a bong, and can add a nice kick of flavor and more effects than just a regular bowl alone. Be careful, though — kief goes fast, so use it sparingly for those special occasions!

Put Some Kief In A Joint

kief on a plate with plastic spoonWhen rolling a joint or blunt of any kind, mixing in a little bit of kief can help you to enhance the effects and give it a nice little kick. A popular method is to also dampen the outside of the joint with some spit or a little wax and then dip the end into some kief. This is a classy and fun enhancement that will take your joints and blunts to new levels and impress the whole group!

Make Moon Rocks

Ever wondered how moon rocks can last so long? Kief! Moon rocks are just normal nugs that have been covered in hash oil and then rolled in kief. They are very potent and burn for ages. If you haven’t tried one, we highly recommend it!

Make Hash

Hash is an ancient form of cannabis. It is made by pressing kief into small bricks or balls and then smoking it.

As you can tell, it is a fun accessory that the cannabis plant provides us with, and it is fun to add to your favorite smoking devices or accessories. It adds some spice to your smoking experience and will no doubt leave you shocked at the extra potency it is able to add to the overall experience. So, next time you buy some flowers from your local dispensary, try to save some of the kief!

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