How Long Does It Take To Flower Cannabis?

August 23, 2021

Growing and maintaining your own personal weed crop is one of the most rewarding experiences cannabis enthusiasts can have. While the process itself can be very time-consuming and requires some studying, it is not impossible! Plenty of people around the world have undertaken this process and gotten great results from their crops.

In this article, we will walk you through the growth process and also explain how growth times differ between different types of weed. We will also discuss the different grow types and compare the different methods so you can determine which one is best for your situation.

Let’s start with the grow times for the different types of cannabis:

Sativa Grow Time

Sativa plants are characteristically tall and thin. Some outdoor varieties of Sativa plants have been known to grow as tall as 20 feet! This is due to the fact that Sativa varieties of cannabis are native to regions that surround the equator, so they experience the same day length throughout the whole year. This leads them to have shorter growth periods compared to other types of cannabis. The average growth time of Sativa plants is about 6 months in total.

Indica Grow Time

Indicas can be easily spotted because they are pretty much the opposite of Sativas as far as appearance. The flowers of Indica plants are typically shorter and stubbier than their tall, thin counterparts.

They also have short flowering stages, which makes them a popular choice for experienced cannabis breeders or anyone who wants a quicker cycle. Indoor growers enjoy raising them because their shorter flowering periods mean they can produce more per year, while outdoor growers can cultivate them without worrying about climate issues or early winters. On average, Indica strains have a flowering state that lasts 8 to 12 weeks.

Hybrid Grow Time

Hybrids are the result of crossing Indicas with Sativas. While some prefer to cultivate either pure Indica or pure Sativa strains, most growers are cultivating hybrids due to the interesting and fun variants that are produced.

Hybrids grow quickly during the vegetative stage just like Sativa strains but have shorter flowering periods which is common in most pure Indica strains. Hybrids have an average flowering time of 6 to 10 weeks until they are ready to be harvested.

How To Prepare For Growing Cannabis

Growing your own weed or starting your own operation can be exciting, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t approach the process prepared!

Here are a few important things to keep in mind before you start growing weed:

Learn About The Basics

While you do not necessarily need to be an expert or a daily user, it will be very helpful to learn about the plant itself, what nutrients it needs, its lifecycle, and other basic facts about the plant. We recommend reading a book regarding how to grow marijuana or on the basics of the plant itself to help you be better prepared.

Understand The Scale Of Your Grow

This is an important thing to consider before you begin: think about the power requirements and the overall size and scale of what you want to build. We recommend starting small if you are independent in order to get it right and get a feel for how the process works before you begin to scale up.

Know The Costs

Be prepared to spend a significant amount of money when planning to grow weed. Buying quality marijuana seeds is not a cheap investment, and you’ll also need to invest in decently expensive equipment as well.

The kind of equipment needed to grow weed indoors will depend on the size of the grow and the preferences of the grower. Note that the cost of cultivating weed will vary from person to person. Some can get great results from a simple setup that costs no more than $100, while others may need to spend up to $10000 for their grow operations.

Overall, the time it takes to flower cannabis depends on the strain of weed you are attempting to grow and the method you are using. If you want to grow Sativa strains, you may want to brace yourself for a longer haul, while Indicas will flower much more quickly. As you progress in your grow skillset, try combining strains in order to get the most out of your grow times and the seasons of the year.

Whichever method and strain you go with, good luck and have fun!

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